May 2014

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Get on Board: Small Steps/Big Impact



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Get on Board: Small Steps/Big Impact

“Still No Progress After Years of No Progress.” So said our 2013 Catalyst Census: Fortune 500 Women Board Directors. Why, when there’s so much conversation about the topic, are the numbers not moving? It’s time for organizations to take action and make bold moves to add women to boards. In this issue of C-News we focus on getting women on boards and how small steps can make a big impact.

Our new report, Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, offers insight into getting employees involved in the corporate culture and the link to improved performance. We’ve also got a quiz to see if you are an inclusive leader. And in the coming weeks we’ll highlight a blog series from Women on Board® in Canada and regional blogs on how other countries are (or aren’t) getting more women on board.

Ask a Catalyst Expert: Getting on Board(s)
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How do I get on a corporate board? Interest in board service is high, but seats remain few. And unlike in a standard job application process, open board seats are not listed and applications are not solicited. The process to get one of these coveted positions is not only fierce; it’s largely invisible. Our own Brande Stellings shares some insight into how you can become board eligible.

Inclusive Workplaces Linked to Increased Organizational Performancedotted line

Want to build high-performing teams? According to Catalyst’s new global report, Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries, employees who feel included at work are more likely to be innovative and better team players. In fact, they were more likely to report going above and beyond the call of duty and suggest new product ideas and ways of getting work done. Download the report today.

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Inclusion Matters infographic
Watch our Inclusive Leadership video.
Inclusive Leadership Around the World video

Catalyzing: Are You An Inclusive Leader? Take our quiz to find out.dotted line

How do you know if you’re an inclusive manager? Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries pinpoints four surprising leadership qualities that predict whether or not employees feel included. Take our quiz to see if you have them.

Catalyst Coming to Japan
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On May 26, Catalyst announces its entry into Japan. Then on May 27, we’re participating in the USJC-ACCJ Women in Business Summit. Deborah Gillis, President & CEO, Catalyst, will deliver the keynote address during the Summit’s luncheon. The sold-out event will be attended by more than 700 delegates, as well as government officials, corporate representatives and leaders from more than 40 cooperating organizations focusing on raising the level of Japanese women in the workforce.

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