June 2015

Be Proud & Inclusive
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June is Pride Month when we commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and the beginning of the modern gay rights movement. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression—not to be confused with sexual activity or behavior—are personal characteristics that everyone has. Including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), queer/questioning, and intersex employees is a vital component of creating workplaces where all employees feel valued and where everyone can advance and thrive.

In this issue of C-News, we highlight the LGBT community and its buying power, share some inspirational quotes, and showcase research to help your organization understand and develop your LGBT employees.
Glossary and Definition of Terms

The LGBT community is extremely complex and often difficult to understand. To aid in dialogue, The University of California, Los Angeles, has compiled a non-exhaustive, but thorough definition of terms. Catalyst has also created a Glossary of Terms that we hope helps ease conversation with colleagues around the topic of LGBT inclusion.
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Buying Power: LGBT People
in the US

Buying power is defined as the total personal income of residents that is available, after taxes, for spending on virtually everything they buy, including goods and services. In this infographic, we showcase the buying power of the LGBT community, roughly $830 billion. Yes, billion.

We also have Infographics on the buying power of Global Women, Women in the US, and People of Color in the US.

Celebrities_smallCelebrities Share Their PRIDE

We’ve pulled together some amazing inspirational quotes from celebrities sharing their thoughts on love, gender, and sexual orientation. The biggest takeaway? Just be yourself and accept others for who they are. Download and share it now.
How Are You an Ally to the LGBT Community?

We asked our staff and got some pretty inspiring responses. Check out this colorful and thought-provoking infographic and Tweet us @catalystinc #LGBT #allies to let us know how you’re an ally.
Tools For Helping LGBT Employees Feel Valued and Included 
Ask Deborah: What Have You Learned From the Fight for LGBT Rights?

In honor of Pride Month, Deborah Gillis shares her personal experience with LGBT advocacy and her advice on how to be an ally in this critical area. Inclusive leadership requires courage. Your commitment to equality is only as good as your willingness to fight for it when you don’t have the support of the majority. Read more about her impassioned fight.

Five Ways Champions Changed My Life (And How They Can Change Yours!)

Deborah Gillis never expected she’d make it from a gravel road to a corner office. She shares her strategies for getting ahead in this blog featured in Women of Influence magazine. Deborah will also be the keynote speaker at the Women of Influence Luncheon Series on June 9 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. Buy your ticket now!
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Join The 3% Conference in London on June 12

In just three short years, Catalyst partner organization, The 3% Conference, has helped up the number of female creative directors from 3% to 11%. They’re coming to the UK to share how they’ve made such an impact so fast, and to start a dialogue with European agencies. Join them for this not-to-be-missed day of keynotes, panels, networking, and professional development. Use code FRIEND to save 20% on your registration.
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June 9
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The 3% Conference
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Disrupt the STEM Default: Fueling Innovation through Inclusion
June 17
Australia Webinar: LGBTI Workplace Inclusion
June 17
Roundtable: Workplace Trends, Today's Decisions, Tomorrow's Successes
June 18
Roundtable: Engaging Men in Gender Diversity
June 18-19
The Conference Board’s Annual Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Conference
New York
June 23
Webinar: Why Equal Marriage Matters for Businesses
June 25
US Webinar: LGBT Workplace Inclusion & Pride Month
July 3
Catalyst Europe Roundtable: Interrupting Unconscious Bias
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