July 2017: Role Models

C-News: July 2017
Role Models
What does it mean to be a role model? According to Merriam-Webster’s it’s: “a person whose behavior in a particular role is imitated by others.” In other words, these are people who exemplify our values and aspirations. But often we don’t know where to begin. We see people, programs, and practices that inspire us, but we might not have the tools or the support to start emulating them and, in turn, become a role model for someone else.
Are you a Role Model?
INITIATIVE:  Meet the Canadian Leaders Who Champion Real ChangeINITIATIVE
Meet the Canadian Leaders Who Champion Real Change

We just announced the 2017 Catalyst Canada Honours Champions: five corporate leaders who have made transformational contributions helping to advance women and inclusion in Canadian workplaces. These individuals truly embody what it means to be a role model and we hope you’ll join us on November 6 in Toronto to pay tribute.

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INFOGRAPHIC:  Actions Women Can Take to Better Engage MenINFOGRAPHIC
Actions Women Can Take to Better Engage Men

In one of the more difficult areas to navigate, women can actually be role models for men helping them understand and address inequality. Catalyst research indicates that there are many ways to support men’s increasing engagement on these issues. Check out this infographic to see what you can do.

Actions Women Can Take<br />
																		to Support Men's Engagement

Actions Women Can Take
to Support Men's Engagement

GUIDE: The Modern Guide to EqualityGUIDE
The Modern Guide to Equality

Created by The Female Quotient, together with partners, Atlantic Media Strategies and Catalyst, The Modern Guide to Equality is a comprehensive toolkit—powered by collaboration with industry leaders, business experts, and employees at every level of the corporate pipeline—aiming to disrupt the current work culture, activate next-step solutions, and create accountability standards for progress. Talk about role modeling!

Modern Guide to Equality, Volume 1

Modern Guide to Equality
Volume 1

Modern Guide to Equality, Volume 2

Modern Guide to Equality
Volume 2

PRACTICES: Putting Role Modeling Into Practice PRACTICES
Putting Role Modeling Into Practice

These companies have intentionally and creatively designed initiatives worth modeling. (This content is only accessible to employees of Catalyst Supporter organizations):

  • The Boeing Company
    Despite Boeing’s size, the company’s diversity and inclusion team was relatively small when it decided to embark on its culture-change initiative and was uncertain it could achieve its training goals with available resources. The “Change Agent” program was created in part to address this issue and involves many more staff in diversity and inclusion activities than does the typical training model. Read more.
  • Chubb Corporation
    Chubb’s strategic mentoring program provides junior men and women with career development support and exposure to the top 1% of the organization, while demonstrating that top leadership includes many successful women who are fully equipped to mentor rising talent. Read more.
  • Google Inc.—LGBT Inclusion in India
    When Google India first began to expand its diversity and inclusion work beyond gender, its proposal to introduce LGBT inclusion was met with doubt because of the absence of “out” LGBT employees in the country. Ultimately, Google decided that the issue could not be ignored simply because it might be difficult. Read more.
  • The Hartford
    The numerous successful elements of The Hartford’s transformation were realized in large part due to senior leadership commitment and actions. Not only did these executives express this vision in their communications, they also “walked the talk” by appointing women to key leadership roles, deliberately focusing on advancing the best talent into important roles, investing heavily in a leadership-learning curriculum, and agreeing to hold people accountable not only for what they accomplished, but how they accomplished it. Read more.
RETROSPECTIVE: Leadership Redefined: Inclusive Leadership as a Business StrategyRETROSPECTIVE
Leadership Redefined: Inclusive Leadership as a Business Strategy

On June 1, 2017, at the Catalyst Solutions Summit in Japan companies from across industries gathered for our second Summit in Tokyo. The event, which was attended by over 200 people from more than 50 companies, was not only an engaging and educational experience but also a stimulating networking opportunity for the participants and highlighted role models across the country. From the successful integration of diversity and inclusion practices to key initiatives and the importance of the inclusive leadership style, the summit encouraged participants to develop an inclusive culture and continue their pursuit of diversity. Check out the complete retrospective.

BOARD CHAIR: The Catalyst Board of Advisors gets a new ChairBOARD CHAIR
The Catalyst Board of Advisors gets a new Chair

Catalyst is proud to welcome Dr. Rohini Anand, as Chair of our Catalyst Board of Advisors. An exceptional role model for women, Dr. Anand is the SVP Corporate Responsibility and Global Chief Diversity Officer for Sodexo. Widely considered a leading expert on organizational change and diversity and inclusion, Dr. Anand has been featured in several articles, authored several manuals, has been published in numerous trade journals, appeared on radio and TV, and is the recipient of many prestigious awards and honors.

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