July 2015

C-News: Culture Club
Culture Club
Senior business leaders are increasingly concerned about finding and keeping top talent. Catalyst research shows that you can boost retention by shifting your workplace culture to better fit what high-potential women and men want.
C-News: Culture Club
In this issue of C-News, we share our newest knowledge products, Mind Your Culture Gap, which shows that an inclusive culture can stem the defection of your most valuable employees, and Think People, Not Just Programs, to Build Inclusive Workplaces, which offers practical steps on building the culture that these employees want. Together these new insights show us that even organizations with the best programs and initiatives in place are often ineffective because they’re not managed intentionally by inclusive leaders within an inclusive environment.
Mind Your Culture Gap to Keep Your Top Talent
Mind Your Culture Gap
Employers worldwide seek to create high-performing work cultures where employees feel included and empowered to contribute. Yet despite this, many are falling short when it comes to achieving workplace inclusion. Why are so many companies stuck, especially with so much at stake? Catalyst’s new infographic suggests that both high-potential women and men MBA graduates want inclusive workplace cultures that not only emphasize integrity and collaboration, but also encourage them to achieve their potential and support others. Download the infographic now to uncover whether your organization has a “Culture Gap.”
Think People, Not Just Programs, to Build Inclusive Workplaces
Think People, Not Just Programs, to Build Inclusive Workplaces

Despite establishing programs and policies designed to improve diversity and inclusion, a wide culture gap remains at many companies. Why? Companies tend to overlook the “people side” of change, according to our report. While programs, policies, and assessment tools are important and essential, they’re not enough to build inclusive cultures. Download this report to find out how to create high-performing workplaces where employees feel included and empowered to contribute.
Rev Up Your Learning With Inclusive Leadership Training
Rev Up Your Learning With Inclusive Leadership Training

If you were interested but did not have a chance to participate in the wildly popular CatalystX inclusive leadership course on edX, here’s your chance! Starting today we will rerun “Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader,” which is our inaugural exploratory course about what it takes to become an inclusive leader. The rerun means the ever-popular and informative discussion boards and Facebook group will be open and active. Want to learn more about CatalystX? Download our flyer, Getting Started With CatalystX and enroll now. Find out what a student from our previous edX Inclusive Leadership Course says about what he learned about everyday leadership and the true meaning of inclusion.
Blessing White
Programs to Help You Lead With Inclusion

Catalyst is excited to announce the launch of our new initiative with BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies, the global performance improvement solutions provider. Leading With Inclusion is a new suite of organizational leadership development learning programs to help build inclusive leadership at all levels of a company. You can access the initial course program modules today. The complete suite of inclusive leadership development solutions will be completed by early 2016. Find out more information now.
Learn More About Leading With Inclusion

Too often, companies have a “check-the-box” approach to their diversity training, employees attend classes begrudgingly, and real change rarely happens. Shifting the focus from diversity training to inclusive leadership allows companies to use the diversity in their organizations to increase innovation, enhance productivity, and improve the bottom line. Join Tolonda Tolbert from Catalyst and Kristen Bakalar from BlessingWhite as they share the details of the partnership between their respective companies, and insight into the research-based approach to developing inclusive leaders.

During this interactive webinar, Kristen and Tolonda will share:
  • How Catalyst and BlessingWhite have partnered to bring inclusive leadership to organizations world-wide
  • Research that supports the need for inclusive leadership
  • Competencies that make an inclusive leader
  • Sample content from the Leading With Inclusion series of leadership courses
Tuesday, July 21
11:00 am EDT
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Inclusive Leaders Celebrated as Catalyst Canada Honours Champions

Catalyst is proud to announce the 2015 Catalyst Canada Honours Champions, exceptional corporate leaders who have made transformational contributions to advancing women in their organizations, industries, and communities by championing inclusive workplaces. The 2015 Champions are: Bill Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of KPMG in Canada and Chair of KPMG’s Americas Region; Cynthia Hansen, Senior Vice President, Enbridge Pipelines Inc.; and Colleen Moorehead, Chief Client Officer, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. Find out how you can attend the conference and dinner before they’re sold out.

This month on Catalyzing, Catalyst President & CEO Deborah Gillis calls attention to the groundbreaking #WhoWillYouHelp campaign initiated by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to challenge people to intervene when they see a woman being exploited or assaulted.

A former Catalyst intern shares the inspirational story of her grandmother, Mae Glassbrenner, who was a revolutionary woman, breaking boundaries in the military and in business.

Lastly, we share tips from our two recent reports on how to create inclusion and why it matters. Read it now.
Are You Ready to #Engage?

A new initiative, #Engage, will launch later this summer with select partner schools and the support of Catalyst. The idea is simple—encourage business schools to take a hard look at how they influence the success of female students, faculty, and staff. This initiative encourages self-assessment, collaboration, and accountability. We want schools to find where they can do the most good. Learn more.
D&I Logues: Conversations for Organizational Change

Join Catalyst India on September 9 for an innovative event focused on Diversity and Inclusion. This full-day event will include engaging presentations and working sessions on gender inclusion, the importance of Diversity and Inclusion councils, organizational practices, and more. Do not miss the opportunity to join Catalyst India for this incredible day of networking, learning and launching a Catalyst movement to build inclusive organizations in India where women and men can succeed! Register now!

“[Catalyst’s new Mind Your Culture Gap offers] important news for company leaders who are increasingly concerned about finding and keeping top talent and driving organizational performance. Women and men will seek out and stay at companies that demonstrate the behaviors that Catalyst research has linked to inclusion and innovation: empowerment, accountability, courage, and humility.”

Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, Catalyst.
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