July 2014

C News - July 2014
Leveling the Playing Field – All-Star Practices
As countries cheer on their favorite teams in the World Cup, we are applauding all-star strategies from companies that are taking intentional steps to level the playing field for women in the workplace.
Leveling the Playing Field – All-Star Practices
Change doesn't happen overnight, but taking action by making significant moves can lead to transformation. Whether it's in the boardroom, with senior executives, or at every level of the workforce, the tone set at the top is crucial to establishing fairness and equal opportunities for all employees. But individuals also have a role to play. Diverse work environments, enlightened individuals dedicated to creating and maintaining these environments, and the resulting power of workplaces in which everyone can contribute help make for a level playing field.

In this issue of C-News, we’ll spotlight some instances of inequity, as well as some successful programs and practices that are helping to combat it—and we’ll provide you with some tools to make change.
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Try these tools to level your playing field!
  • Create a flexible workplace
    Creating and offering a flexible workplace is another way to ensure that all employees thrive. Our Managing Flex Work How-To Guides can help you get started.
  • Build a smarter workforce
    Diversity matters. This tool shares insights and offers tips on how organizations can leverage diversity to achieve greater collective intelligence in groups. LGBT identity is another aspect of diversity. Find out how to help build an LGBT-inclusive workplace.
  • Be an inclusive leader
    Take this quiz to see if you are an inclusive leader and what you can do to become one.
  • Get on a board
    Check this infographic for tips on how to prepare yourself for corporate board service.
  • Use board service as an executive development tool
    Check out this infographic for tips on how women directors can use their board service to develop crucial leadership skills they can bring to the office.
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The Plague of Underutilized Talent: High-Potential Women in Europe

This doesn’t sound level to us! Highly qualified women working in Europe are lagging behind their male counterparts in pay (earning over €36K less after 5 years) and seniority, despite having the same qualifications (all are MBA graduates), the same work experience, the same ambition to reach the top, and using all the same tactics as men to get ahead. Download our infographic today to see the full picture…
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Showing our #Pride
As LGBT Pride month in the United States comes to a close, our guest blogger shares his thoughts on being out at work: “Bringing my whole self to work has made me happy, which in turn has increased my productivity and benefited the business.” Read on to find out what his organization has done to include LGBT employees and aid in their success…
On Catalyzing in July
Just in time for the World Cup finals, we’ll be highlighting all-star/MVP strategies from companies that are proving that they can level the playing field by understanding what works—including access to hot jobs, sponsorship programs, and opportunities, as well as showcasing women in leadership. Don’t miss a post!
What does it take to be a Champion?
The Catalyst Canada Honours recognizes exceptional Canadian business leaders who have made an impact through their personal and visible commitment to the advancement of women and serve as powerful role models for other corporate leaders. This year’s winners are doing their part to help level the playing field. Find out who they are and what they’ve done…
Global Reach, Local Support
Join the growing Catalyst global community! We are now officially offering membership in Australia and Japan. For information about membership in these countries, please contact Emily Wakeling.
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