January 2016

C-News: January 2016
New Year, New Mission
Happy New Year! As we kick off 2016, many of you have made resolutions of what you’d like to achieve this year. Catalyst is no different. We have evaluated what we do and what we want to accomplish, and we’re excited to announce a revised Mission: Accelerate Progress for Women Through Workplace Inclusion.

We will lead the conversations that are shaping solutions for women at work, as well as continue to build awareness about the issues worldwide. We will involve men and women in the quest for equity, helping them understand that inclusive work environments—powered by inclusive leaders—unlock innovation and really do change workplaces and lives.
What can you expect to see from us in 2016?

In this issue of C-News we’ll offer some ways you can take action. Share them with your colleagues so we can make 2016 the year everyone gets a seat at the table.

Catalyst's Role Model Challenge
Catalyst’s Role Model Challenge

Through active participation in the Catalyst Community, events, and knowledge and expertise; by sharing questions, insights, and practices; and by championing women’s advancement, Catalyst’s corporate supporters and all of their employees impact businesses, communities, and societies around the world. In 2016 we challenge all our supporters to strive to become role models for others. Check out these top 10 actions you and your organization can take to become a model member…

My Wish for 2016My Wish for 2016

Catalyst President and CEO Deborah Gillis shares her wish for 2016. It starts with intention—intentionally building a world that gives all our youth the opportunity to shine. After all they can’t aspire to something they don’t see, and frankly, neither can we. Read her post now.

Advance Your Career With This ToolkitAdvance Your Career With This Toolkit

Effective execution of career advancement strategies is challenging for many people, especially for women seeking senior leadership positions. The Career Pathways Toolkit contains three tools, including self-assessment questions, results, and career advancement “how-to” steps that will help you navigate your career more effectively. Start today and get ready to soar!

Unlock Employee Innovation
Unlock Employee Innovation

Catalyst research shows that employees who feel included are more likely to be innovative because they feel confident their ideas won’t be held against them. In fact, they recognize their ideas will be championed and that they’ll be given the back-up and support needed to be successful. This infographic shows how to model behavior that encourages your employees to innovate. Make 2016 the year you unlock the power in others.

Combat Unconscious BiasCombat Unconscious Bias

There’s a reason it’s called “unconscious” bias—we often don’t realize that we’re being exclusionary or even judgmental. Ideas and stereotypes that have been drilled into our heads from society can prevent us from being open and from advancing others. The best leaders are the ones who become aware of these biases and combat them. Learn more about unconscious biases and how to combat them and drive further inclusion with four easily digestible infographics. And check out this Catalyzing blog post to see how the UK is doing its part.

Upcoming Events
January 13
Becoming a Successful Leader Through Inclusion
January 28-30
Asian American Business Roundtable
Las Vegas
January 28
Catalyst Connects
San Francisco
February 9
Catalyst Canada Roundtable—Driving Inclusion Through ERGs
February 11 & 12
MARC Leaders Workshop
April 27 & 28
MARC Leaders Workshop
May 11 & 12
MARC Leaders Workshop
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New Members
Catalyst is proud to welcome these new members:
Applied Materials
BNY Mellon (Canada)
Bridgewater Associates
Mitsubishi UFG
Smith & Nephew
And our Additional Regional Members include:
Cox Automotive Canada
MSCI (Europe and India)
Hilti US
Smith & Nephew Japan
Pepsi Japan
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Catalyst Australia
Catalyst Canada
Catalyst Europe
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