February 2018: Celebrate Black History Month by Embracing Inclusion

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Celebrate Black History Month by Embracing Inclusion
February in the United States, Canada, and the UK is Black History Month. Catalyst and our Supporters celebrate Black leaders while looking for ways to make everyone feel more included. One way to do this is by increasing opportunities for people of color and doing away with biases that may prevent this community from thriving at work and in society. 
The 2018 Catalyst Award-winning initiatives focus on making meaningful change for all women and diverse talent. This is essential, as our new report launching next week, Day-To-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Color in the Workplace, demonstrates the toll that exclusionary work climates place on the well-being of women and men of color.
2018 Catalyst Award Winners Lead With Diversity
Leading by example, the 2018 Catalyst Award-winning initiatives all highlight the importance of including everyone in order to create a successful culture and climate, and have increased company diversity and inclusion metrics to show for it. 
The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group's [email protected] initiative includes strategic efforts to decrease bias in recruiting and hiring processes, such as unconscious bias, interviewer calibration, and training.
IBM's Leading the Cognitive Era Powered by the Global Advancement of Women global initiative features robust recruitment and diverse slate practices as well as a variety of programs to help re-engage women and diverse talent.
Nationwide's Our Associates' Success Drives Business Success has resulted in increased associate engagement and inclusion scores year over year through strategic and intentional efforts to attract, accelerate, and advance women at all leadership levels—and, in particular, women of color—with a strong focus on sustaining an inclusive workplace culture for all.
Northrop Grumman's Building the Best Culture, Leveraging the Power of Women was created to shape a diverse pipeline of leaders who would be ready for future executive positions. This initiative is accomplished through many efforts, including regularly measuring and reporting the diversity of candidate slates for all management positions.
Northrop Grumman
2018 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner
Emotional Tax: How Black Women and Men Pay More at Work and How Leaders Can Take Action
Our first Emotional Tax report revealed that Black women and men pay an “Emotional Tax” that leaves them feeling “on guard,” disrupting their sleep patterns, reducing their sense of psychological safety, and diminishing their ability to contribute at work.
On February 15, we are releasing a follow-up report, Day-to-Day Experiences of Emotional Tax Among Women and Men of Color in the Workplace, extending this research to include Asian, Black, Latinx, and multiracial employees as well as drilling down into the experience of being on guard as a hallmark of Emotional Tax.
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Women make up about 51% of the US population, earn 60% of all master’s degrees and control or influence more than 70% of consumer spending. Yet only about 5% of CEOs are women, 26.5% of executives and only about 21% of board seats are held by women in the S&P 500. Learn more.
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