February 2017: Flipping the Script on Women, Race, and Ethnicity

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Flipping the Script on Women, Race, and Ethnicity
“There is nothing to make you like other human beings so much as doing things for them.” — Zora Neale Hurston

February is African American History Month, and a time to celebrate and honor those who have struggled to pave the way for progress. This month we’re unveiling two new infographics that will make you think about how you speak to women and people of color and how to make a concerted effort to change your words. We call them "Flip the Script" and that’s exactly what they do.

We also feature some of our research and tools on creating inclusion across gender, race, and ethnicity from broaching difficult subjects to communicating across differences. We hope you find them helpful and will share them with your colleagues and employees.
Flipping the Script on Women, Race and Ethnicity
Flip the Script

“We don’t see color—only people.”
“She gets overly emotional.”
“You are so articulate.”
“She comes across as abrasive.”

Words like these can unintentionally offend, hurt, and send a message of exclusion. Our two new infographics have tips on how to stop using common words and phrases that harm women's advancement opportunities as well as those of people of color. Instead, we detail how you can flip the script and focus on connection, performance, and inclusion instead.

Flip the Script on Women
Flip the Script on Women
Flip the Script on Race and Ethnicity
Flip the Script on Race and Ethnicity
Conversations Across Differences

Having meaningful conversations about gender, race, and ethnicity in the workplace—communicating across differences—is important. To do so successfully, we need to acknowledge—and work through—roadblocks that can stifle progress. Our tool, Engaging In Conversations About Gender, Race, And Ethnicity In The Workplace, helps you learn how to surmount these obstacles with practice, attention, and most importantly, intention.

Additional Resources:

Conversation Ground Rules
Conversation Ground Rules
Be Inclusive Every Day
Be Inclusive Every Day
The Day-To-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion
The Day-To-Day Experiences of Workplace Inclusion and Exclusion
RESEARCH: Emotional Tax May Impair Black Women’s and Men’s Health and SuccessRESEARCH
Emotional Tax May Impair Black Women’s and Men’s Health and Success

Black women and men have high aspirations to be successful at work, and outworking and outperforming others is the norm for many. But what happens to the minds, bodies, and spirits of Black employees when unrealistic expectations are too much to bear—if, despite their hard work, they remain set apart and undervalued? In this study of Black professionals, we found evidence of an “Emotional Tax” that is levied on Black women and men as they try to successfully navigate through their careers.

Watch our own Dnika Travis, PhD, discuss the impact of Emotional Tax on Black professionals.

Watch our own Dnika Travis discuss the impact on Black men and women.
CATALYSTX COURSE: Communication Skills for a Divided ClimateCATALYSTX COURSE
Communication Skills for a Divided Climate

How do you start a meaningful dialogue with someone with a different political view, from a different country, or with a religious belief different from your own? What can we possibly have in common? It’s getting harder and harder to talk with people, especially people who are different from you. How can we bridge those divides and start those conversations? Learn how to navigate this ever-evolving landscape by signing up for our new CatalystX online course, Communication Skills for Bridging Divides. It only takes 45 minutes to complete!

Be Inclusive. Special Training Suite Offer!
Sign up by February 28, 2017, to receive a special offer on our Leading With Inclusion training suite. Options include a "Day of Inclusion," a site license for one module, or a site license for the entire suite of six modules. Learn more!

EVENT:  Catalyst Awards Conference and DinnerEVENT
Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner

International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017, is going to be historic for many reasons.

  1. It’s the day of the Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner in NYC. We’ll be flipping the script through our theme of "Leadership Redefined."
  2. We’ll be celebrating 30 years of Catalyst Award-winning initiatives in our new location—the New York Hilton Midtown!
  3. We’re officially a charity partner of choice with International Women’s Day, helping to #BeBoldForChange.
  4. The line-up of conference speakers is impressive. Check it out and grab your ticket now.
  5. And for the dinner, we’ll be honoring 3M, BMO Financial Group, and Rockwell Automation. Reserve your dinner table now before it’s too late.
EVENT: Nominate a Champion: Catalyst Canada Honours Nominations Are OpenEVENT
Nominate a Champion: Catalyst Canada Honours Nominations Are Open

If you know a Company/Firm Leader, Business Leader, or Emerging Leader who is a champion of workplace inclusion in Canada, we encourage you to submit a nomination form by February 28, 2017, to [email protected]. Get more details on the criteria here.

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