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This is What Inclusion Looks Like
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We spend our lives trying to fit in. But for some of us, the feeling of being “the other” never leaves. No matter if we’re the most popular person in school or the SVP of our department, inside we still might feel like we don’t belong. How does feeling like an outsider translate to the workplace? Does it harm your interactions and chances for advancement? In this issue of C-News we’ll discover the benefits of listening to the unique experiences of diverse employees and adopting inclusive approaches to talent management. One of the best ways to offer inclusion is through mentorship and sponsorship. January was mentoring month in the United States, so we’re including resources below to help your organization take the first steps.

Feeling Different: Being the “Other” in US Workplaces
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Catalyst’s new report examines the experience of otherness in the workplace, particularly how those with multiple sources of otherness in a workplace are impacted in terms of their opportunities, advancement, and aspirations. People often feel like the “other” because of personal attributes such as gender, race, ethnicity, or nationality; these characteristics are the lenses through which we view the world. Check out the full report and download the infographic.

Webinar: Mentoring, Sponsorship, & Partnering for Women’s Advancement
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Ilene H. Lang, Retired President & CEO, Catalyst, and Rosina L. Racioppi, EdD, President and Chief Executive Officer, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., discussed how their experiences as mentees and sponsors shaped their careers. Listen to the entire webinar now.

And the Winners Are…dotted line

Catalyst is proud to announce our 2014 Catalyst Award winners, two initiatives that truly focus on what inclusion looks like. Kimberly-Clark’s Unleash Your Power: Strengthening the Business With Women Leaders and Lockheed Martin’s Women Accelerating Tomorrow both share a commitment to making the advancement of women part of company culture. Find out more about these Award-winning initiatives…

Catalyst Awards Conference: Making Change Happendotted line

More than just another conference, this gathering of experts is a community that counts, shaping organizations and the dialogue and strategy about diversity and inclusion, in accordance with the Catalyst Vision: Changing workplaces. Changing lives. Registration is now open for this unparalleled event: April 2, 2014, in New York City.

Catalyst Awards Dinner
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A celebration of initiatives that create change from the top by championing women and inclusion. Two people who know about leading from the top, Ilene H. Lang, Retired President & CEO of Catalyst, and Peter Voser, Former Chief Executive Officer of Royal Dutch Shell plc. and Chair of Catalyst’s Board of Directors, will co-chair the Dinner. The event has limited availability, so we urge you to book your table today.

Breaking Stubborn Barriers for Women of Color in the United States
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Discussions of otherness and inclusion must involve women of color, including African-American women, Latinas, and Asian women, who will make up 53% of the female population of the United States by 2050. Catalyst’s Katherine Giscombe, PhD, shares her thoughts on why businesses need to stop squandering the ever-growing and senselessly under-utilized talent pool that women of color represent.

In Case You Missed It
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Do you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day? With our hectic schedules and even more hectic lives, at least you’ll never miss another Catalyst event! This new section on our website offers an inside look at recent events by offering event overviews, programs, photos, video footage, and other features. You can also find retrospectives for webinars that we've held in the past. Although the events have already taken place, the conversations continue. Check it out now.

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