December 2018: #MyWishForWomen2019

With the New Year fast approaching, instead of your resolutions, we’d love it if you would share your wishes for what you’d like to see for women in the workplace in 2019 and beyond.
Our staff and our community have shared their wishes below. It will take all of us, collectively, to make these wishes a reality, but we believe it’s possible and necessary in order to create workplaces that work for women…and everyone.
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Wish: Inclusive Workplaces and Conversations
My wish is for everyone to move away from a problem-oriented view on D&I, to a positive solution-oriented perspective. — Xochitl
That companies operate with true intersectionality, designing inclusion, belonging, and equity for individuals with many nuanced identities. Cindy
People boldly speaking out against aggressive, subtle, or biased behavior—as it happens, in front of an audience. SHE-Ops Talent
Often we can say or do things that shut down dialogue before it gets started. It’s especially easy to do this when the topic is sensitive, controversial, or provocative. But we need to have these tough conversations to understand and bridge differences and successfully collaborate in teams. By Flipping the Script, you can Create Connections, Not Conflict in Tough Conversations , using words that invite different perspectives and help people feel heard and valued.       
Wish: Empathy and Understanding
I wish for 2019 to be the year of empathy, where all individuals work to understand and share the feelings of others, inside and outside workplaces. Emily T.
To see women of all ethnicities support each other in the workplace and view each other through the lens of authenticity and not perception . SOFEI Group
My wish is that more organizations embrace a culture of openness and sharing. It’s not about bringing your problems to work, but how communication can and should prevent additional challenges or conflicts at work for you and your coworkers. — Emily C.
Even with the best intentions, our immediate reactions during tough conversations can sometimes be dismissive, offensive, or unproductive. It’s important to use words that demonstrate understanding, partnership, and a commitment to continued communication. When you Flip the Script to Respond With Heart, Not Harm you stay engaged and open when discussing difficult topics, which helps to resolve conflicts and work collaboratively across differences.
Wish: Men as Champions and Allies
More education for men around the blind spots of white male privilege, more men mentoring working women so they better understand the challenges they face, more conversations with men about the ways to debunk the (subconscious or conscious fear) about leveling the playing field, and an end to women being paid less—period. Nell
I wish men would add engaging with women to their New Year’s resolutions. Risa
I’d like to see more men take paternity leave than ever before. Jared
I’d like to see workplaces free of sexual harassment and assumptions based on gender. Joy 
Because men still predominantly hold the positions of power, they are vital to creating inclusive workplaces. Encourage the male leaders in your organization to practice Inclusive Leadership . One way is to join MARC , Catalyst’s initiative to create gender equity through partnerships with men. And we can all help create sexual harassment-free organizations by speaking out.  
Wish: More Women at the Top
Breaking more barriers to positions in the senior management and the executive suite. And of course always #EqualPay Glass Ceiling Pin & Art
Because women’s issues are really human issues that ultimately affect us all, our wish is that more women are included in decision making processes and policy setting procedures . MapAgency SC
Eradicate the myth that women are less qualified. Catherine 
Gender bias can seep into talent management systems and create an endless cycle that cascades down to every employee at every level of an organization. This unwittingly prevents women from moving up. Find out how you can help Break the Cycle .
Final Thoughts
“I wish for every woman in every workplace, all over the world, to have equal pay, respect, recognition, fair wages, paid medical and family leave, health coverage, and opportunities for advancement. SheChange
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