C-News: December 2016
Ask for the Role You Want
High-potential women and men who successfully negotiated their roles reported being more innovative and significantly more likely to remain in their current organization.

“You get what you deserve.” In the workplace, as in life, we know this is far from the truth, especially for women. Research shows that even women who ask don’t necessarily get the same opportunities as men. But before you throw your hands up in defeat, all is not lost.

In this issue of C-News we unveil our newest research report, Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs, which shows that inclusive leaders and supportive organizational cultures can help emerging talent negotiate more challenging and satisfying roles—all in an effort to maximize their access to hot jobs. So what are these hot jobs exactly? And how can leaders set the stage for successful career negotiation? Read on…
Ask for the Role You Want
REPORT: What’s All This About “Hot Jobs”? REPORT
What’s All This About “Hot Jobs”?

Not all leadership opportunities are created equal. Catalyst research has found that women and men don’t get the same access to the experiences critical for advancement. In fact, women get fewer of the high visibility, mission-critical roles and international experiences—the so-called “hot jobs”—that are key to getting ahead. These roles literally can change the course of your career. Learn more…

REPORT: Want Innovative Employees Who Stick Around? Give Them Access.REPORT
Want Innovative Employees Who Stick Around? Give Them Access.

Role negotiation may be the kind of intentional, bold action that helps women and men maximize their access to critical development opportunities. In our new report, Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs, high potentials reported greater success in role negotiation when they perceived that 1) their managers modeled inclusive behaviors, and 2) their organizations valued and supported them.

Download two companion infographics with quick tips for managers and their direct reports.

Learn more about hot jobs and high-potential employees:

workshopWORKSHOP: Take Charge of Your CareerWORKSHOP
Take Charge of Your Career

Common wisdom about advancing in the workplace is straightforward: network with the right people, plan your career two-three years out, and get formal training. Sounds like good advice, right? But according to Catalyst's research, there are particular strategies that work well, and many, commonly assumed to help both men and women, that do not. Companies, bring this workshop to your teams and show them how you prioritize talent development. Our Take Charge of Your Career workshop helps employees:

  • Learn research insights and proven advancement strategies that work for both women and men.
  • Understand how to put these techniques into practice.
  • Turn awareness into action with a personal plan to take charge of their career.

Exclusive to employees from Catalyst Supporter Organizations:

  • Career Pathways Toolkit: These three tools with interactive self-assessments and self-guided activities will help you think more comprehensively about the behaviors, relationships, and competencies necessary to advance your career.
  • Catalyst’s Vital Signs: This program helps organizations identify if their culture is suitable to foster and maintain an environment for role negotiation, transparent career assessment, and career development.

*Unsure if you’re employed by a Catalyst Supporter Organization? Find out on our website and register for access to exclusive Supporter materials.

More Resources: Are You Being Inclusive About Development?RESOURCES
Are You Being Inclusive About Development?

Negotiation is all about managers and employees intentionally having an ongoing dialogue about career development. That can only happen when people practice behaviors that support open career development and do so within cultures that encourage those behaviors.

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