August 2017: Just a Hop, Skip, and a Jump to Inclusive Leadership

C-News: August 2017
Just a hop, skip, and a jump to Inclusive Leadership
Forget trips to Grandma’s house, this summer Catalyst is creating a road trip to Inclusive Leadership. That’s right, we’ve refreshed the Be Inclusive page of our website which offers everything you need to create and implement Inclusive Leadership strategies and practices.

And because it’s summer, we’re making it brief, engaging, and easy. Buckle up and take a peek at some of what’s included.
Your Summer of Solutions
First stop:  Resources and ResearchFirst stop
Resources and Research

Our knowledge products and solutions offer everything including:

  • Quick Takes with statistics and data.
  • Infographics with actionable steps on inclusion.
  • Toolkits for taking action.
  • Talking points for having conversations about gender and race.
  • Reports on what inclusion looks like across the world and how it feels to be uniquely you and part of a successful team.
Second stop: Online Learning Second stop
Online Learning

Our virtual learning experiences, in partnership with edX, the nonprofit online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard, makes Catalyst research and advice available to large numbers of individuals and organizations in the form of a high-quality leadership development curriculum. We offer four courses on Inclusive Leadership that are free and self-paced. Sign up today or learn more…

Third stop: Ask For DirectionsThird stop
Ask For Directions

When you are ready to truly implement change, Catalyst can help. We identify and conquer factors holding you back from achieving your business goals. We guide you to strategically identify specific business opportunities that leverage your diverse workforce, strengthen workplace inclusion, and increase your capacity for innovation. Find out more about our engagements tailored to meet your needs, as well as workshops on topics such as unconscious bias.

Fourth Stop: Getting Black Women to ParityFourth Stop
Getting Black Women to Parity

Can Black women’s earnings ever catch up to those of white men and women? It’s an unbelievable question to still be asking in 2017. We know from research that unconscious biases can influence perceptions, judgments, and actions. Unconscious biases are unintentionally exclusionary and can lead to double standards and stalled advancement—all of which can keep Black women from being recognized as the strong contributors that they are. In order to have true inclusion, organizations must educate their managers on recognizing and interrupting unconscious bias, and must hold all employees accountable for the equitable treatment of everyone within their workforce. Read more…

Last Stop: Catalyst’s Vital SignsLast Stop
Catalyst’s Vital Signs

Like the results of a temperature check or a blood test, your answers to key talent questions are important indicators of your workplace health. But which questions lead to the most critical vital signs? And how can you use the answers to determine where you are doing well and diagnose and treat any talent issues?

Chock full of key questions, step-by-step directions, compelling and customizable visuals, and leading practices, Catalyst’s Vital Signs is a unique and focused approach to strengthening and diversifying your talent pipeline. Are you ready for your company check-up?

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