August 2014

Sharing Power: At Work and At Home
Power. Many want it. Few have it. But it’s nevertheless the center of many workplace discussions. How do you get power? Why don’t women have more? Is power being used to make change? Is it shared? And what about in the home? Who has the power in your house? Do you share it equally with your partner? What does ‘power’ even mean? And how do we get to a balanced model of power—shared equitably at both work and home? Is that even possible?

In this issue of C-News we’ll delve into the facets of power, how to get it, how to use it, and how to make sure there are opportunities to share it.

Balance Out Power With Catalyst’s Vital Signs
  One way to ensure power is accessible to all is to cultivate a diverse workforce and create equitable opportunities for advancement. It’s access to opportunities for leadership and power that count. Catalyst’s member benefit Vital Signs provides a foundation for strategy development, helping you zero in on next steps by first diagnosing your organization’s unique strengths and opportunities. If you think your organization can benefit from Vital Signs, please register for one of two upcoming webinars. But hurry, space is limited:
  • August 26 and August 27—Getting Started: A Small-Group Interactive Q&A on Using Catalyst Vital Signs
Accessibility is only part of the equation. Many employees struggle with Feeling Different: Being the Other in US Workplaces. This report highlights the necessity for well-managed inclusivity so that all employees feel empowered to contribute to their fullest capacity.
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Want to Level Your Playing Field? Gain Insights From Mexico.

Three new reports and tools put the spotlight on women working in Mexico. Women are struggling in an environment where attitudes, behaviors, and strategies socially determined as “masculine” are privileged over those more commonly accepted as ”feminine.” If your organization has operations in this region, these are a must-read for learning how you can position yourself as an employer of choice for Mexico’s top talent.
Flexible Work Arrangements Are a Powerful Tool
When employees have the option to work virtually or on their own schedule, work productivity and engagement often increases, and companies become employers of choice who are able to retain essential talent. Managing Flex: How-To Guides for Organizations, Managers, and Individuals is a three-part toolkit that helps organizations, managers, and individuals understand, navigate, and create flexible work arrangements. Flexibility is not just about being flexible with time. It is also about being strategic, which requires employers and employees to be open and creative in questioning the process of how work should be done, and why.
Recognizing Individuals Who Leverage Their Power to Share Power
The Catalyst Canada Honours recognizes individuals who champion progress by advancing women in their organizations, industries, and communities. Join us on October 8, 2014, to celebrate the 2014 Catalyst Canada Honours Champions and be a part of the very special fifth anniversary.

The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference is a collaborative knowledge exchange with other human resources/diversity leaders, industry professionals, and champions of women’s advancement from across Canada. Register now to take part in this amazing day of sharing knowledge.
I Thought I Would Have an Equal Home—Then I Had a Child
When confronted with the realities of work and family, women and men alike often succumb to the same gender norms they once vowed to avoid. Even when both partners work outside of the home, women are still far likelier to take on the lion’s share of housework and child care. Catalyst’s Jeanine Prime writes about her own challenge to create and maintain a truly egalitarian household.
Share Power to Gain Power
Catalyst’s study, High Potentials in the Pipeline: Leaders Pay It Forward reveals that high potentials who have received career development are likely to “pay it forward” and develop others. As a result, they receive tangible career benefits such as promotion and recognition for molding future leaders
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August 20, 2014
Catalyst Canada Webinar: Website Walk Through
August 26,  2014
Vital Signs Webinar: Getting Started: A Small-Group Interactive Q&A on Using Catalyst Vital Signs
August 27, 2014
Vital Signs Webinar: Getting Started: A Small-Group Interactive Q&A on Using Catalyst Vital Signs
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