April 2018: Equity Drives Inclusion

APRIL 2018
Equity Drives Inclusion
Equal Pay Day in the United States is April 10. The date symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. And while it’s easy to lament the lack of progress in pay equity, there’s reason to be hopeful.
As we just saw at the Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner, many companies are committed to creating change. The four organizations with 2018 Catalyst Award-winning initiatives are inspiring models for driving inclusion and thereby increasing equity across the board. And while they aren’t done yet, the results are powerful. Find out more about the initiatives…
Creating Change, One Initiative at a Time
The Boston Consulting Group
The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)—[email protected]
Goal: Increase the number of women employees in senior leadership roles and create a more effective work environment. Learn more.
IBM—Leading the Cognitive Era Powered by the Global Advancement of Women
Goal: Focus on technical women’s career development and advancement. Drive diversity and inclusion goals by attracting and recruiting diverse talent, prioritizing leadership development and talent discussions, and engaging as a good corporate citizen. Learn more.
Nationwide—Our Associates' Success Drives Business Success
Goal: Attract, accelerate, and advance women—and in particular women of color—at all leadership levels with a strong focus on sustaining an inclusive workplace culture for all. Learn more.
Northrop Grumman Corporation—Building the Best Culture, Leveraging the Power of Women
Goal: Expand the leadership pipeline, with a specific requirement for diverse representation inclusive of women and people of color. Learn more.
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Have you heard about Ask Catalyst Express (ACE)? It’s an easy way to find Catalyst and external resources related to a particular topic. Updated and compiled by our amazing Information Center, think of ACE as your very own curated search results for workplace-related questions. For example, as you consider how to take action on Equal Pay Day, here are two topics you can explore: 
Driving Inclusion and Equality Starts With Behavior
Every employee and employer is responsible for creating a fair, safe, and respectful workplace. Catalyst has created a Sexual Harassment toolkit that offers actions you can take to create this safe environment. 
Recognition for a Commitment to Gender Equality
As we’ve said, organizations who drive change and focus on inclusion help create a world where everyone is treated equally and compensated as such. Catalyst is proud to congratulate several of our Supporters in Australia for receiving the WGEA Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation, “a leading practice recognition program that aims to encourage, recognise and promote active commitment to achieving gender equality in Australian workplaces.” 
Accenture Australia Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Johnson & Johnson
KPMG Australia
National Australia Bank Ltd
PwC Australia
SAP Australia Pty Ltd
Telstra Corporation Ltd
Catalyst CEO Champions For Change
About Catalyst CEO Champions For Change
Women make up about 51% of the US population, earn 60% of all master’s degrees and control or influence more than 70% of consumer spending. Yet only about 5% of CEOs are women, 26.5% of executives and only about 21% of board seats are held by women in the S&P 500. Learn more.
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