April 2016

C-News: April 2016
It Takes EACH of US
A few weeks ago we celebrated the 2016 Catalyst Awards, honoring Gap Inc. for its Women and Opportunity initiative. We commend Gap Inc. for taking bold steps to end the gender wage gap and setting an example for other companies like Amazon, which recently came out with wage statistics showing parity. At the same time, we must continue to raise awareness about Equal Pay Day—April 12—the annual commemoration to illustrate the significant gap remaining between women's and men's wages.

As our 2016 Catalyst Awards Conference theme attests, “It takes EACH of us” to reach parity. EACH stands for the four traits we’ve identified in inclusive leaders —Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility. This month in C-News we highlight people who are doing their part to be inclusive and create equity (we mean you, Prime Minister Trudeau), showcasing the best parts of the 2016 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner, and of course, offering ways you can get involved on Equal Pay Day and beyond.
Justin Trudeau

“I know and believe that women can do and be anything they want. But I also know that meaningful cultural change can’t and won’t happen when only half of the population works towards change. Men need to act to set examples and to be role models too.” Watch now the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau’s inspiring 2016 Catalyst Awards Dinner speech for yourself.

Lead with Inclusive CommunicationLead With Inclusive Communication

As Deborah Gillis said in her 2016 Catalyst Awards Dinner speech, creating parity starts with inclusive leadership. How can you position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication? Our free CatalystX course hosted on edX.org will focus on the important role communication plays in inclusive leadership, which is vital to creating an environment where everyone thrives. Sign up and learn more today.

2016 Catalyst Awards: Up Close and Personal2016 Catalyst Awards: Up Close and Personal

Photos and videos are now up on our website from the 2016 Catalyst Awards celebrations. Check out our retrospective pages for the Conference and Dinner, which include examples of what inclusive leadership looks like today.

Equal Pay Day: What You Can Do
Equal Pay Day: What You Can Do

April 12 is Equal Pay Day, which also represents how far into the current year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. In other words, we have a long way to go. Want to see that date change? Sign up for our Equal Pay Day Webinar on April 12 to learn actions your organization can take to incite change. It’s free for Catalyst Supporters. Want to do something as an individual? Try these ways to get involved.

Inclusion is Essential to Success
Inclusion Is Essential to Success

What does inclusion truly mean and look like in your workplace, or even in your community? And more importantly, how can you put inclusive behaviors into practice during your daily interactions? Our new “Be Inclusive” page offers tips, tools, videos, and more on how to demonstrate the EACH behaviors that will help you excel as an inclusive leader who enables others reach their full potential.

In Case You Missed ItIn Case You Missed It

Get up close and personal with inclusive leadership and the EACH behaviors. Check out our Storify, which features photos, videos, and other social media highlights from the 2016 Catalyst Awards Conference and Dinner.

It Takes EACH of UsIt Takes EACH of Us

ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) can build alliances across difference in the workplace and support critical advocates for inclusive leadership. If you’re an ERG leader, you can start by attending Catalyst’s ERLI (Employee Resource Leadership Initiative) Conference on May 2-3 in Toronto to learn how to use your ERG to cultivate EACH behaviors throughout your company. This event is open to leaders of ALL types of ERGs. Learn more.

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