2017 Issue IV

Catalyst Corporate Board Services Quarterly Issue IV 2017
Katie Telford
Catalyst and 30% Club Canada Co-Hosted Second Annual Corporate Board Summit

Catalyst and the 30% Club Canada partnered to host the second annual Corporate Board Summit: Leadership Redefined—Moving From Why to How during the 2017 Catalyst Canada Honours event on November 6. The summit convened CEOs, board leaders, government and regulatory officials, and investors to discuss actions steps Canadian companies can take to diversify their boards.

The keynote address was given by Katie Telford, Canadian Political Strategist and Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Trudeau, who delivered remarks about the viewpoints and priorities of the Canadian Government regarding women in the workplace and in leadership roles. Thereafter, the Canadian Gender and Good Governance Alliance unveiled the Board Playbook, a how-to guide to foster board diversity. This was followed by a toast to the 10th anniversary of the Catalyst Women On Board™ program in Canada.

Catalyst Women On Board™: Sponsorship Sparks Change

Catalyst Women On Board™ is spotlighted within the recently launched Catalyst CEO Champions For Change website, addressing a simple and powerful way to accelerate change in corporate boards: sponsorship. Catalyst Women On Board™ works to advance diversity on boards through sponsorship and has done so since its inception in 2007. To date, the program has led to more than 150 board appointments of its participants, with approximately 62% of alumnae having earned seats on corporate boards.

Deborah Gillis, Catalyst President & CEO, states: “It’s long past time to bust the myth we hear again and again that companies can’t find women to serve on their boards. We disprove that myth one introduction at a time by making powerful connections—bringing together women, sponsors, and companies to create opportunities. And this is something every leader can do.”

The CEO’s Influence on Board Diversity

CEOs can be intentional about influencing gender parity on boards and advocating for more women on their company’s board. The Harvard Business Review highlights how some CEOs gender-balanced their boards by employing the following strategies: taking a promotion focus and considering benefits of diverse perspectives and experience, using major disruptions as an opportunity to appoint women or instate annual reviews of board members, and ensuring at least two women are finalists in board searches.

15% Decrease in Russell 3000 Boards with Zero Women

According to the Equilar Gender Diversity Index (GDI) third quarter report, the number of Russell 3000 boards with no women continues to decrease. Nearly one quarter of companies were found to have no women on their boards in 2016. To date, 114 of these companies have added a woman to their boards, amounting to a 15% decrease in the total number of Russell 3000 boards with zero women.

Catalyst Corporate Board Services “On the Move”

Brande Stellings, Senior Vice President of Catalyst Advisory Services, was quoted in a Washington Post article addressing sexual harassment and gender discrimination as issues for investors and boards: "We now see very squarely that issues of sexual harassment and gender discrimination are investor issues, and really are board issues. All of that is up for play in a way that feels quite different than it did just a few months ago. It feels like a watershed moment in terms of having conversations [on these issues] at the level of the board."

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Did You Know?

According to the Women in the Workplace 2017 study, half of men believe women are well represented in leadership, though only 10% of senior leaders in their companies are women.

The Catalyst Corporate Board Resource congratulates the following CEO-sponsored women on their recent board appointments:
Maureen Brundage to MAPFRE USA Corp. and its subsidiaries, The Commerce Insurance Company and Citation Insurance Company
Celeste Clark to Wells Fargo
Catalyst Women On Board™ congratulates the following woman on her appointment to the board listed below:
Sue MacKenzie to Precision Drilling Corporation
Catalyst congratulates the following DirectWomen Board Institute alumnae on their recent board appointments:
Sharon Bowen to Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.
Marla Persky to Text IQ
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