2017 Issue III

Catalyst Corporate Board Services Quarterly Issue III 2017
Welcome to the New Director of Catalyst Women On Board™ Canada
Welcome to the New Director of Catalyst Women On Board™ Canada
Catalyst officially welcomed Ashley Mac Isaac-Butler to the Corporate Board Services team in September as Director of Catalyst Women On Board™ Canada. Ashley has joined us from Rethink Breast Cancer, where she was the Senior Advocacy Manager and was responsible for fostering and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders from the breast cancer community across North America. Prior to joining Rethink Breast Cancer, she worked in Government Relations and Corporate Relations, and was both a Researcher with the Senate of Canada and a Legislative Assistant in the House of Commons. Welcome, Ashley! We also bid a fond farewell to our treasured Thea Miller, who was with Catalyst Women On Board™ from its very beginning. Good luck to Thea in her new adventures!
8 Actions to Diversify Your Board
Recommendations by CEOs and board leaders at the Corporate Board Summit: Solutions to Accelerate Progress, co-hosted by Catalyst and the 30% Club Canada, outline intentional actions that can be taken to diversify corporate boards. Making diversity intrinsic to your company’s strategy, building the supply chain of diverse board talent, and tapping into the power of sponsorship are just three recommendations companies and boards can follow to achieve their board diversity goals.
2016 Catalyst Census: Women and Men Board Directors
The 2016 Catalyst Census outlines the current status of women and men board directors at S&P 500 companies, showing continued slow progress toward gender diversity on boards, as well as in the pipeline of women executives in S&P 500 companies. Key findings include women holding 21.2% of board seats and women with S&P 500 companies representing just 5.2% of CEOs.
Equilar Publishes 2017 Board Composition and Director Recruiting Trends Report
The report indicates that women held approximately 21% of Equilar 500 board seats in 2017, but only 8.4% of chair or lead director roles were filled by women directors. The data also shows newly appointed Equilar 500 directors represented around 10% of appointments, with more than half of the directors in the Equilar 500 serving on multiple boards.
Catalyst Corporate Board Services “On the Move”
Brande Stellings, Senior Vice President of Catalyst Advisory Services was quoted in a New York Times article, Wall Street Journal article, and Bloomberg article addressing the declining number of women CEOs within S&P 500 companies to just 26 or 5.2% overall. “Since we had the first woman CEO in the Fortune 500 in 1972, there’s only been 64 women CEOs in total, which is pretty staggering” and “you could easily fit all of them, in the history of our time, into one room,” she stated. “All of this just underscores how tenuous progress for women in the CEO job really is,” she said.

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Did You Know?
Travelzoo is the only publicly traded U.S. company to have 80% women board directors.
The Catalyst Corporate Board Resource
congratulates the following CEO-sponsored woman on her recent board appointment:
Karen Quintos to Cummins Inc.
Catalyst Women On Board™
congratulates the following women on their appointments to the boards listed below:
Shauneen Bruder to CN
Leslie Starr Keating to Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Una Power to Teck Resources
Geri Prior to WesternOne
congratulates the following women:
Jacqueline Hinman, member of the Catalyst Board of Directors, on her appointment to the board of International Paper
Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, DirectWomen Board Institute alumna, on her appointment to the board of Ashland Global Holdings Inc.
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