Catalyst Accord 2022: Accelerating the Advancement of Women







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Set the Pace of Change

As the demand for talent, high performance, and innovative thinking grows, developing women leaders is critical to business success.

Leading organizations are no longer focused on why they need more women in leadership, but rather on how to accelerate progress.

But the work is not yet done.

The Catalyst Accord 2022 calls on Canadian boards and CEOs to pledge to accelerate the advancement of women in business through these actions:

  1. Increase the average percentage of women on boards and women in executive positions in corporate Canada to 30% or greater by 2022.

  2. Share key metrics with Catalyst for annual benchmarking of our collective progress.

To support Catalyst Accord 2022 Signatories in fulfilling this pledge, Catalyst will:

  • Help you identify opportunities for progress.

  • Provide resources to amplify your commitment, efforts, and successes internally and externally.

  • Provide access to a group of CEO-sponsored, board-ready women through Catalyst Women on Board™.

To become a Signatory of the Catalyst Accord 2022, contact David Lau at +1 416 465 5868 or [email protected].