Canada Initiative

Board Candidate


Jennifer Barber
Senior Vice President, Finance
Torstar Corp.

Alan Hibben
Corporate Director & Advisor

Lise Croteau
Former, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Russell Goodman
Independent Director

Carolyn Graham
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Canadian Western Bank

Marianne Harris
Independent Director

Stephani Kingsmill
Senior Advisor to the CEO

Sarah Kavanagh
Corporate Director

Mary Lou Maher
Canadian Managing Partner, Quality & Risk Management, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Chris Clark
Independent Director

Kiren Singh
Former Vice President, Risk Management & Treasurer
Gibson Energy

Kevin Uebelein
Chief Executive Officer


Past Mentors/Sponsors

Here is a list of some of our previous mentor/sponsors:

Arthur R. Sawchuk

Bill Thomas, FCPA, FCA

Bonnie Brooks

Bonnie Dupont, ICD.D

Brian A. Canfield

Charles W. Fischer

Chris Clark

Claude Dussault

Claude Lamoureux

Dave Mowat

David Cornhill

David McAusland

David G. Leith

David G. Unruh

Donna Soble Kaufman

Donald J. Lowry

Eileen Mercier, FICB, F.ICD

Eric Demirian, CGA, CA

Hon. Frank McKenna

Gail C. A. Cook-Bennett

Glenn Ives

Guylaine Saucier

Harold (Hal) N. Kvisle

Heather Munroe-Blum,  O.C., O.Q., PhD, F.R.S.C.

The Late Jalynn H. Bennett

James "Jim" Leech, CM

Janet Woodruff

Jocelyn Proteau

John M. Thompson

Hon. John P. Manley

John T. Ferguson

Jo Mark Zurel, FCA, ICD.D

J. Robert S. Prichard

Kathleen O'Neill, FCPA, ICD.D

Kevin G. Lynch, P.C., O.C., PH.D, LL.D

L. Denis Desautels

The Late Purdy Crawford

Randall J. Findlay

Richard L. George

Sarah E. Raiss

Thomas C. O'Neill

Victor G. Dodig

Victor L. Young

Wayne C. Sales

William A. Dimma

William D. Anderson

William "Bill" Sheffield, ICD.D