Blog Submission Guidelines

Are you a writer passionate about diversity and inclusion?

You’ve come to the right place.

Catalyst is currently accepting pitches and submissions on a variety of topics including intersectionality at work, generations at work, women at work, engaging men, unconscious bias, D&I tech tools, and more.

Content Guidelines:

Submission Requirements:

Please gather and send the following:

Fine Print:

Catalyst does not publish content that has been published previously somewhere else, including on personal blogs and websites. Catalyst will allow content published on our site to be published in other places, provided that those versions state that the work was previously published on

Catalyst does not provide monetary compensation for articles.

Catalyst reserves the right to edit all content. You may not see these changes prior to publication. While it’s possible to do so, Catalyst generally won’t make changes to finalized text or published posts unless they contain errors of fact, grammar, or punctuation. There is no specific timeline with which you should expect your work to be published. Catalyst may schedule an article to be published weeks or even months from the time it is submitted for our own reasons. You can expect to be made aware of when we expect to publish and to be notified if we decide to alter that publication date.

We will share your article across all social media channels upon and subsequent to publication. We encourage you to do the same!

For inquiries contact Catalyst’s blog manager, Risa Pappas.