Women Save the World

July 6, 2010One by one, people are starting to get it. What’s good for women is good for the world.

Last month began with the Women Deliver conference in Washington, DC on the economic impact of global maternal health. Then, days after the inaugural G(irls)20 Summit in Toronto, nearly 40 CEOs endorsed a UN-led initiative to empower women by promoting gender equality at work. The following week, the UN Economic and Social Council opened in New York with speakers calling for women and girls to be placed at the centre of the global struggle to achieve a set of UN development and anti-poverty goals.

All four events shared one simple message: women are the key to solving the world’s problems.

It’s all about access. When a woman accesses work and education, she can build a bustling economy in villages, towns and cities. When a woman accesses adequate healthcare, she can see to it that her family’s health improves. When she can access women in political and business circles as role models, she becomes an active contributor. And when she gets access to political or corporate leadership, she can shape policy to further improve the lives of women, men and children.

It’s a cycle of positive change. And women are at its core.

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