Wisdom in 140 Characters

July 24, 2012A couple weeks ago, CanCon focussed on the power of one tweet to start a global calling out of sexism in daily life. Today, we’re featuring some of the informative and inspirational tweets that we’ve posted in our own Twitter feed.

Recognizing the Power of Women:

Women control $7 trillion in US consumer & business spending. ... #Japan‬’s entire economy is about $5.5 trillion

Going for the Gold - More than half of #Canada‬'s #London‬-bound athletes are women

Increased social protections & higher rep. of women at work key to global economic recovery, according to UN Women.

Teen petitions 17 magazine to stop airbrushing photos - and 17 announces 'body image peace treaty.'

Recognizing (or Not) the Value of Women:

Study finds women get less $ for wrongful dismissal cases. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Asia-Pacific region losing $42 to $47 billion annually for excluding women’s economic participation

Recognizing the Future of Women:

On good leadership... “It’s important to raise those around you.” Connie Sugiyama, Vice Chair, Canada Health Infoway.

Be open to non-traditional opportunities and mentor! Applying a different lens can bring success that you never dreamed of! – Bev Park

" tapping talented women for top leadership …[we] hope that, soon, there will no longer be a need to count them." - Ilene Lang, Catalyst

And Advice from a Wise Woman:

"I hope that you choose not to be a lady... Make a little trouble out there...on behalf of women” - Nora Ephron

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