The Winners

January 24, 2012Congratulations to Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Sodexo—the 2012 Catalyst Award winners! These companies’ Award-winning initiatives share a strategic, laser-sharp business focus and lead with strong results.

This year’s winning initiatives reflect the evolution of advancing women from a “nice-to-do,” to a core business practice. Commonwealth Bank and Sodexo have incorporated a culture that values diversity into their brands, which differentiates their businesses from competitors, increases profitability, and better reflects the customers they serve. Their initiatives focus on transforming leadership, workplaces, and lives.

This year, in recognition of Catalyst’s 50th anniversary, the annual Catalyst Awards Conference will be held over two days at The Waldorf=Astoria in New York City. The first day, March 28, 2012, will highlight Catalyst milestones spanning five decades, and on March 29 we’ll honor the Award-winning initiatives, culminating with the Awards Dinner that night. You can find the program and register today by clicking this link. Hope to see you there!

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