What If?

November 16, 2012The Catalyst Canada Honours celebrates champions who have made diversity and advancement of women a hallmark of their careers. In this week’s CanCon, Emily Pomeroy, chair of the 2012 nominating committee, shares some reasons that you should consider nominating a champion you know, or applying yourself to be a 2012 Catalyst Canada Honours champion! —Deborah Gillis 


There seems to be a lot of frustration around inequality in the world today.

- Occupy movement protesters are frustrated with social and economic inequality.
- Food banks are frustrated with decreased donations and increased demand.
- Individuals are frustrated by unemployment challenges.
- Here at Catalyst, we’re pretty frustrated with the low representation of women in senior leadership.

I don’t know about you, but I end up feeling overwhelmed by these issues and don’t know how I could possibly do anything to make a dent in such large and systemic problems.

The answer, I think, is to do something. Take one step to improve one person’s life.

What if, tomorrow, you woke up and changed a woman’s career trajectory by championing her at work. What if you:

- Recommended her work to colleagues and clients?
- Invited her to present at your next senior leadership meeting?
- Connected her to your network?
- Advocated for her promotion during succession planning?

Catalyst knows that many people are doing great things to champion women. We speak with them every day. It’s probably you, or maybe one of your colleagues. If that’s the case, Catalyst wants to recognize and celebrate those efforts. Apply for The Catalyst Canada Honours 2012.

Last month, Catalyst honoured three more individuals who are exceptional champions of women’s advancement at a gala dinner with over 600 guests. Next year, we want to honour you.

So there is something you can do. It’s manageable, attainable, and you can start now.

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