Take 5: Working Women in Asia

May 18, 2012Women in Asia have made significant progress in the workplace in step with the region’s dynamic economic growth. But challenges still remain for women and their employers. In today’s Take 5, we look at the landscape for working women in Asia. And next week, we’ll hear from Laura Sabattini, co-author of our just-released report, Expanding Work-Life Perspectives: Talent Management in Asia.


1> Steep gender pay gaps exist in Asia. In China, women earn 69 percent of men’s salary for equal work.

2> In India, women earn 66 percent as much as men.

3> Catalyst found that among more than 1,800 high-potential employees working across China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, women (38 percent) were more likely than men (32 percent) to believe that their company did not provide enough flexibility for them to manage work and personal lives.

4> Despite reporting similarly high levels of career ambition as men, women in India reported more challenges finding work-life fit. Fifty-two percent of women agreed that managing personal lives was “not easy” compared to only 39 percent of men.

5> In China, women and men reported in similarly high levels that work-life fit was “very important,” but only 50 percent of women said their company provides enough flexibility, versus 63 percent of men.

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