Path to Parity

August 22, 2012The path to gender parity may be long, but it has to start somewhere. That’s why I welcome the long-overdue news of the gender barrier crumbling at Augusta National Golf Club.

Critics who dismiss this as “non-event” miss a critical point: the inclusion of women in the halls (and fairways) of power is vital if we are to make lasting progress towards gender equality.

Augusta is more than just a place to play golf—it’s where business and politics get done. It’s telling that the club admitted powerful women from both of these spheres: South Carolina businesswoman Darla Moore, and Former United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

As I’ve written before, female firsts are important—but only if they’re followed by seconds, thirds, tenths, and hundredths. To avoid charges of tokenism, the club now needs to include even more women in its ranks. Only then will this week’s news represent true progress for Augusta.

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