Link In With Catalyst

February 15, 2012During the past little while, one of my favourite discussion groups considered the role of collaboration in effective leadership, the ways that our communications styles affect our careers, the value of volunteer experience, and the gender pay gap (did you realize that women in the United States lose out on approximately $380,000 over the course of their careers?).

The group also helped connect mentors and mentees, and offered suggestions for diversity and women’s leadership resources in Asia-Pacific.

Wow! What a range of subjects, interests, and perspectives!

The group, of course, is the Catalyst LinkedIn group, where more than 1,000 members are now dropping in to exchange opinions, to seek information, and, sometimes, to spark inspiration. Occasionally, someone introduces a topic such as the “strong woman” movies we identified during last year’s Film Festival Season.

And, in the Canadian tradition of embracing communication and connection, 150 plus members are Canadian friends and members of Catalyst. They’re enthusiastically expanding the conversation with each other and with Catalyst staff.

Why not join us? You can start by dropping by to see what the group is talking about. I promise, you’ll find something that piques your interest!


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