Link In, Canada

April 30, 2012Canadians love technology. They connect on the Internet, share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and, increasingly, they share forums on LinkedIn.

The Catalyst LinkedIn group is a great example of Canadians using technology to trade information, ask questions and exchange opinions and ideas. A couple of examples:

Following the announcement of the Catalyst Accord, a member used the Catalyst LinkedIn group to congratulate Catalyst on the initiative. Other members broadened the discussion beyond the importance of women on corporate boards to the value of diversity on boards and the challenges to achieving board membership that is more representative of the population.

When the Catalyst MARC initiative was mentioned in a Globe and Mail article, another Catalyst LinkedIn member posted a query about the participation of Canadian men.

The question provided an opportunity for MARC leader Jeanine Prime to point out that we’ll be seeing guest blogs by men from Canada and many other nations, and for Catalyst Canada’s Christine Silva to suggest that group members encourage their male co-workers to join. We know many Canadian men who are champions of women in business. Many of them speak at our events; some of them are on the Catalyst Canada Advisory Board; others have been recognized at The Catalyst Canada Honours. Perhaps you work with one of them.

Other Canadians are starting and participating in discussions ranging from women in the technology sector to women’s path to the boardroom. Why not check it out, and join the conversation.


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