International Women’s Day: The Instant Messages

March 27, 2013

Liz:                                                                                                              3:48 PM

So. How’d you celebrate International Women’s Day earlier this month?

Rachel:                                                                                                       3:48 PM

Oh, you know. Sang “kumbayah.” Cried when gender parity amnesia hit everyone the next day. The usual.

Liz:                                                                                                              3:49 PM

Yeah, it did get people talking… for all of 24 hours. Added bonus: our Census numbers were front and center.

Rachel:                                                                                                        3:50 PM

Yesss… 16.6% of board seats & 14.3% of Executive Officer spots across F500 companies. Score!!

Liz:                                                                                                              3:50 PM

Ha! It’s not much better up in Canada—10.3% of board seats & 15.0% of senior officer spots across public FP500 companies.

Rachel:                                                                                                        3:50 PM

Truth. But there are a few glimmers of hope out there.

Liz:                                                                                                               3:51 PM

Kudos to them.

Rachel:                                                                                                         3:51 PM

Then again, we still have companies who complain that they want more women leaders, of course, but they can't find a single one.

Liz:                                                                                                                3:51 PM

Pesky women and their illusion acts, pretending to be half the population!

Rachel:                                                                                                         3:51 PM

It’s so demoralizing! We count. And count. And count. And nothing changes. Remind me why we do this every year??

Liz:                                                                                                                3:52 PM

I suppose we need “CENSUS!” as the flashing neon sign to remind people of the gender gap the other 364 days of the year—like a mirror for corporate America and Canada. They can’t hide when these numbers are staring at them.

Rachel:                                                                                                          3:52 PM

Well… it only works if they actually look in the mirror. I mean, do you think most people even care about the numbers?

Liz:                                                                                                                 3:53 PM

Well, the 46.2% of public FP500 companies with ZERO women board directors certainly suggest NO, but I’d really like to think so.

Rachel:                                                                                                           3:53 PM

Especially with all the other issues to care about—like basic human rights for women around the world—caring about women at the top can be a tough sell.

Liz:                                                                                                                  3:53 PM

Well you can’t be what you can’t see, right? Women role models can help across the board.

Rachel:                                                                                                           3:54 PM

Pun intended?

Liz:                                                                                                                  3:54 PM

Of course!

Rachel:                                                                                                           3:55 PM

If only puns got more people to pay attention to the gender gap...

Liz:                                                                                                                  3:55 PM

Well, I definitely want to know that companies walk the talk when it comes to helping women advance before I buy their products. And before investing in them!

Rachel:                                                                                                           3:55 PM

:-)! Let’s vote with our wallets.

Liz:                                                                                                                  3:56 PM

And I vote we grab a drink tonight to continue celebrating International Women’s Day.

Rachel:                                                                                                           3:56 PM

True. Story.


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