Holiday Wishes

December 22, 2010To mark the end of 2010—and my final Catalyzing post until January 2011—I asked my colleagues at Catalyst what they wish for in the days ahead for women and work. Here are Catalyst’s top ten wishes for 2011:

We wish for…

10. Inclusive, agile work cultures that reward results rather than face-time.

9. Companies around the world to “get it” that more women in senior positions can improve financial performance.

8. Men to champion and sponsor the many talented women they work alongside, question the tyranny of macho norms, take more responsibility for child-rearing and the division of labor at home, and become truly equal partners to women.

7. An acknowledgment that women are the key to solving the world’s problems.

6. Managers to accept and celebrate the career commitment of mothers returning from maternity leave.

5. Headline writers to actually link headlines to story content—instead of writing unrelated, misleading, or “sexy” headlines that do not reflect the more thoughtful points in the article.

4. An end to the false notion that women don’t help each other advance in the workplace.

3. The realization that diversity is not a zero sum game—women, men, families, business, and the economy have a lot to gain from inclusive workplaces.

2. Equal pay for equivalent workeliminate the gender pay gap once and for all!

1. More optimism from both women and men who doubt that all this change is possible. What do you want to see in 2011 for women and business? Let me know in the comments below!

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