Having a Voice and a Choice

November 26, 2013For the next several months, we’ll be showcasing a series of inspiring “I Am A Catalyst” videos on our blog. Along with our “Men Who Get It” videos, they feature champions and role models who are Catalysts for change within their workplaces, communities, and industries—in short, these are men and women who “get it.” Check back regularly for new videos from throughout the business community and around the world!

“I am a Catalyst because I am looking to ensure that there are women all over the world who can have a voice and a choice in what they decide to do…”

“Soy una Catalysta porque deseo contribuir a que las mujeres alrededor del mundo tengan la oportunidad de tener una voz y voto en cualquier decisión que tomen y en cualquier industria ya sea pública o privada.”

—Rima K. Matsumoto, Vice President, Market Development, Catalyst


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