Feminists, Speak Up

July 9, 2012Feminism is so last century.

If that’s what you believe, a visit to might have you rethinking that position. started when British journalist Linda Grant tweeted an experience she had when she applied for a department store credit card in 1979. The store required the signature of a man—husband or father—who, presumably, would be responsible for paying the bills.

Ms Grant used the anecdote to remind young women that our not-too-distant history is rife with incidents like that one, when women were routinely required to have a man’s approval to spend their own money.

But then the Twitterverse came alive. Some feminists from the Mad Men era recalled the sexism that was rampant in the places they did business. But many of the messages were from younger women, whose experiences were very much this century.

In a quick visit to, I was able to find these recent examples of sexism:

“@lindasgrant Same boss marked down a female colleague’s appraisal based on his opinion of her clothing, which is fine acc to rules. 2012." — Dru_Step

"@lindasgrant 2008 called our male landlord when the boiler broke, he asked me to pass the phone to my boyfriend so he could explain repairs." — LisaCSherwood

"@lindasgrant In 2010 job interview I was told explicitly that I’d be hired in spite of my degree, because I ‘looked right’." — MissHwrites

"@lindasgrant this all is so sad. Aged 23, female colleague told everyone I must be divorced as I called myself Ms. 2005." — inkstainsclaire

Sexism made feminists necessary. Perhaps, when sexism disappears from our daily lives, I’ll consider saying “I’m not a feminist.”

Until then, I’m proud to join with the women who fought for the vote, for the right to spend their own money and be respected as professionals, and say, “I am a feminist!”  

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