Ending Equal Pay Day

April 12, 2011Today is Equal Pay Day—but don’t celebrate! April 12 marks the point in 2011 women must work to equal what men earned in 2010. Here are some quick facts about this frustrating milestone:

- Women in America earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

- The wage gap has closed at a rate of less than half a cent per year since 1963, when women were paid 58.9 cents for every male dollar.

- Today, Latina women earn 60 cents, while African-American women earn 70 cents, for every dollar earned by a white man.

- Two-thirds of workers in the ten lowest paid occupations are women, while two-thirds of the workers in the ten highest paid occupations are men.

- Women’s earnings are higher than men’s in only four occupations: counselors, combined food preparation and serving workers (including fast food), bill and account collectors, and stock clerks and order fillers.

- Women MBA grads earn on average $4,600 less in their initial jobs after business school, regardless of level, prior experience, industry, and region.

- A female college graduate in the United States will earn $1.2 million less than her male peers over the course of her lifetime.

- If women earned the same as men, the U.S. GDP would be 9 percent higher, the Euro-zone’s would be 13 percent higher, and Japan’s would increase by 16 percent.

Equal pay for equal work is a right, not a privilege. So let’s do what we can to close the gap. Check out some solutions here and here, and while you’re at it, here are some clever ecards you can use to spread the word!

Let’s make Equal Pay Day history—right now.

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