Carpe Diem for Women

March 29, 2013I often pondered what a Women’s History Month section might look like in the greeting-card aisle. Would there be cards for CEOs to send their women ERGs/affinity groups applauding their organizational efforts for making change? Or perhaps a special section for mentors and sponsors to recognize the extraordinary feats their protégés have accomplished (or will accomplish!)? And maybe cards for women to send to other women filled with those famous and quotable words from Sheryl Sandburg encouraging women to lean in and keep their foot on the gas?  What about one from husbands to their working wives? This one would, no doubt, have an image of Wonder Woman on the front!

Kidding aside, to me, Women’s History Month has been a time to not only pause and reflect on the work so many amazing women have accomplished in the past century, but to take stock of the work that women are doing right now, and the promise of what’s yet to come. Every generation of women has pushed forward and accomplished more for women everywhere than was thought possible. And it is the efforts by ordinary women like you and me, who took enormous risks and overcame impossible hurdles through strength and perseverance to make change, that become legendary in the hearts and minds of future generations.

This month is therefore not only about celebrating and honoring the work of the trailblazers who came before us, but doing our part to create our own generational legacy as women leaders today. Take a look around—bold change is in the air! So ask not what women’s leadership can do for you, but what you can do to advance women’s leadership.

Join in on the conversation, get connected to groups that want to make change, pay it forward by sponsoring or mentoring a younger woman professional, ask for that raise, advocate having more women at the boardroom table, start, join, or lead an ERG group at your workplace and use your passion to ignite action. Seizing small opportunities to promote women today can make the big differences happen tomorrow.

This post originally appeared in Tempo Milwaukee’s UpBeat newsletter.

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