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August 24, 2012We’ve all enjoyed watching the greatest number of women athletes performing so well in this summer’s Olympic Games. So how are women performing in other areas? We found some encouraging signs. And what about the future? Some recent stories about young women stepping up and making change happen suggest it’s in good hands.

Where Are the Women?

Just about everywhere! Can women use the skills that are making them a force on the playing fields to achieve equal success in business and the professions? Already, it appears that women are better than men at playing the investments game—maybe because they’re less willing to take big risks. And one company has figured out how to attract women engineers.

READ: “Breaking Down Barriers for Women on and off Sports Field” by Michelle Remo, inaudit, August 17, 2012

READ: “Why Women Inch Ahead of Men in the Investment Game” by Preet Banerjee, The Globe and Mail, August 14, 2012

READ: “How Intel Attracts More Women into Engineering Roles” by Louisa Peacock, The Telegraph, August 2, 2012

And Where Are They Going?

In the right direction. Women have had to learn to stand up for themselves, and it’s great to see a new generation applying its own technology to make the world listen. And change. Election debates in the United States will be moderated by an equal number of women and men, possibly because two young women mounted an effective lobby to make it happen. And, last month, our Catalyst Canada intern shared her respect for an even younger woman who took on the world of slick magazines.

READ: “Gender Split for Debate Moderators” by Brian Stelter, The New York Times, August 13, 2012

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And a Nod to Where They’ve Been

The battle for equality is a long one, and sometimes it feels that we’ll never get there. But a look back will remind us of how much has been gained, thanks to all the brave and wonderful women who came before us.

READ: “Renaissance Women Fought Men and WonScience Daily, August 14, 2012

READ: “Stone and Sisters” by Steve King, The Barnes & Noble Review, August 13, 2012  

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