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August 3, 2011Working moms earn a lot more than just a salary. According to a new study, children of working mothers have fewer behavioral problems and are less likely to be obese. Check out more myth-busting findings about working moms and dads—plus the latest stats and solutions around gender leadership gaps—in today’s C This.

Getting Hitched

On Sunday, July 24, 2011, New York became the sixth state to offer legal same-sex marriage. Don't miss portraits of 20 couples who said "I do," some interesting changes in wedding etiquette to consider and learn how travel providers are competing to draw gay honeymooners.

READ: “After Long Wait, Same-Sex Couples Marry in New York,” by Michael Barbaro, The New York Times, 7/24/11

Working It

A University College London study found no evidence that working mothers harm their children’s social or emotional development. In fact, the study revealed that the best arrangement for a child’s well-being was where both parents lived at home and worked.

READ: “Working Mothers ‘Do No Harm to Children's Behaviour,’” BBC, 7/22/11

Fixing the Pipeline

In February 2011, Lord Davies of Abersoch called on FTSE 100 companies to set a target of at least 25% female board member representation by 2015. While generally lauded as a step in the right direction, some critics argued that Davies failed to address career challenges of mid-career women. “A focus on corporate culture should look at how ‘work’ can be done differently at all levels to strengthen the pipeline to the top and how to get women into the executive roles which feed into the board position world,” said Charlotte Sweeney, Head of D&I, EMEA, at Nomura.

READ: “The Davies Report: What Does It Mean for UK Women?” by Cleo Thompson, The Glass Hammer, 8/3/11

Few Asians at Top

Despite comprising roughly 5% of the U.S. population, less than 2% of Fortune 500 executive positions are held by Asian-Americans. What’s worse, roughly one-quarter of Asians surveyed said they face workplace discrimination.

READ: “Study Finds Asians Occupying Few Corner Offices,” by Kyle Stock, The Wall Street Journal, 7/25/11

Meaningful Change

How best to diversify boardrooms? Margaret Heffernan suggests six “rigorous and consistent” actions companies should implement right away, including term limits for board members and candidate lists that include 50% women.

READ: “More Women on Boards: A Great Goal, But…” by Margaret Heffernan, BNet, 7/27/11

Inspiring Entrepreneurs

You may have heard of Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi, but what about Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw? Kiran is the founder of Biocon, a biotechnology company based in Bangalore, India, who was recently named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Want to learn more? Here’s a quick primer on the Indian businesswomen leading the way.

READ: “Five Most Admired Women Entrepreneurs in India,” Silicon India, 7/20/11

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