Board Leader Champion: Claude Dussault

October 10, 2012Gradually, Canadian business leaders are beginning to recognize that women bring a valuable perspective to every level of the organization, and that their insights can provide a critical competitive edge for individual businesses and our national economy. They’re also recognizing that they won’t achieve diversity on their boards without a consistent focus and action plan.

There is no better example of how to do it right than Claude Dussault, Chairman of the Board at Intact Financial Corporation, and recipient of Catalyst’s Special Recognition – Board Diversity Champion.

Since his time as CEO of Intact, Mr. Dussault has established programs to identify, mentor and advance women through all levels of the organization to board level. He has supported corporate policies, such as flexible work arrangements, that foster diversity. Through the WomenOnBoardTM Mentoring Program, he has helped prepare a deep pool of talented women to serve on Canadian boards.

Intact, under Mr. Dussault’s leadership, was one of the first companies to sign the Catalyst Accord, a call to action to FP500 companies to increase the overall proportion of FP500 board seats held by women to 25 percent by 2017.

Claude Dussault’s leadership in establishing practical programs to bring women’s valuable insights to his own board’s decision-making and his commitment to developing a diverse leadership in Canadian business make him a great champion.  

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