Be Afraid, Very Afraid

October 27, 2010I was never a fan of scary movies because there are enough real scary things already out there! Below is a list of the Top Ten that my colleagues and I are scared about this Halloween. Freddy Krueger’s got nothing on these.

The Catalyst Top Ten Halloween Fears:

#10. That “zombie boards,” homogenous boards of directors that lead to group think and less innovation, will live on.

#9. That the “old guard” who thinks that the system works well and all workplaces are already meritocracies will never retire.

#8. That being captain of the football team will continue to evidence leadership capability for men, while any job that women have held outside of work—being president of their hockey team or founder of a nonprofit—will be seen as less-than-leadership.

#7. That the strong female leader/“wicked witch” stereotype will never go away.

#6. That myths and falsehoods, such as “women are more than half the labor force” or “women get paid more than men,” will continue to spread.

#5. That “analysis paralysis,” the belief that more data are needed before real workplace change can begin, will retain its lock on the workplace.

#4. That the gender pay gap widens and, like in a nightmare, no one will seem to notice or care.

#3. That organizations will continue to promote men based on their potential for leadership, while insisting that women show proof of performance before being considered.

#2. That silly and misleading phrases such as “mancession,” “mengagement” and “woman up!” will continue to poison our lexicon.

#1: That the mantra, “We’ve already got one woman,” will haunt boards, C-suites and executive ranks for decades.

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