And the Winners Are...

January 25, 2011On March 18, 1976, Catalyst held our first-ever Awards Dinner at The Waldorf=Astoria Hotel in New York City to honor women board directors who supported Catalyst’s mission. Reflecting the mindset of the time, a 1979 New York Times article in the Family/Style section highlighted that year’s winners’ “conservatively styled long-sleeved evening dresses, a minimum amount of makeup and simple pageboy hairdos.”

Catalyst was expanding opportunities for women and business at a time when many believed that women had little to bring to the table of business leadership. Year after year, our Awards have been a platform for the change-makers destroying this myth.

And the 2011 Awards are no exception.

Kaiser Permanente, McDonald’s, and Time Warner drive change in the workplace through initiatives that value women’s talents, perspectives, and leadership skills. Their powerful initiatives are transforming business culture—benefitting employees, families, communities, the economy and society along the way.

So please join me in congratulating this year’s inspiring Award-winners—bravo, brava!

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