3.5 Billion Ways to Change the World

May 4, 2012Once again this year, the G(irls)20 Summit will immediately precede the June meeting of the leaders of the world’s largest economies in Mexico City. The young women, chosen to represent the 20 nations whose leaders will be at that other summit, will debate issues and learn techniques to share their thoughts and tell their stories.

And, once again this year, you can support them by reminding world leaders that empowering the 3.5 billion women worldwide whom they represent will lead to innovative economies, stable countries and socially innovative communities. Just go to the G(irls)20 Summit website, get your number, and share with your family and friends.

Then, send a photo to the summit organizers, creatively displaying your number and your location, and follow the summit on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Add pictures, exchange ideas, make friends, and join your voice with the 3.5 billion!

If you wonder if the summits make a difference, check out what some of the 2010 and 2011 delegates have been up to since attending their summits. They’re just a few of the “3.5 billion ways to change the world”.

My number is 25124. What’s yours?


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