Member Compact

Catalyst Values: Connect Engage Inspire Impact

Catalyst pledges to be a valued business partner, helping you design high-impact strategies that improve both the diversity of your workforce and the well-being of your organization.

  • We will connect with you by:
    • Providing a dedicated point person to help you find relevant information, connections, and advice.
    • Sharing insights gained from Catalyst research, client work, and events, along with our extensive library of corporate practices, and cutting-edge solutions from Catalyst Award winners and The Catalyst Canada Honours champions.
  • We will engage you and your workforce by:
    • Sharing practical tips, ideas, and proven strategies for starting and sustaining action in all of our materials and events.
    • Showing you how to use our Vital Signs toolkit and other resources to identify your organization’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities and then create bold solutions that will lead to sustainable results.
  • We will inspire organizational change by:
    • Developing research-based reports, tools, and services that provide you with the knowledge you need to boost business results through greater diversity and inclusion.
    • Helping you to increase women's representation in leadership through our CEO Summit, Census, and consulting.
    • Providing an opportunity to increase women's representation on corporate boards and build a pipeline of qualified women directors through the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource and related services.
  • We will propel greater impact by:
    • Providing opportunities for you to exchange ideas and knowledge through in-person and virtual events as well as our interactive and informative website.
    • Connecting you with global thought leaders—including those in government and academia—to tackle systemic issues.

In return, we expect you to support Catalyst’s vision: Changing workplaces. Changing lives.

  • You will create change by:
    • Building an inclusive workplace where all employees are able to excel through careful attention to talent management systems and protocols.
    • Proactively developing and advancing the talented women in your workplace into leadership positions with helpful feedback, support, and key assignments.
    • Expanding the global pool of “board-ready” women by participating in the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource, both to sponsor qualified women and to source board candidates, and considering signing on to the Catalyst Accord.
  • You will support change broadly by:
    • Contributing your experience, insights, practices, and learning through regular participation in Catalyst events, online discussions, research, and other member benefits.
    • Supporting peer-to-peer connections and growth through considerate interactions with other members.
    • Permitting Catalyst to showcase your practices and expertise, when appropriate and with approval, to other Catalyst members.
  • You will sustain change and positive momentum by:
    • Ensuring that both your employees and leaders are aware of and benefit from your Catalyst membership.
    • Providing a link from your employee intranet to the Catalyst website.
    • Sharing Catalyst expertise, respectfully citing our research, publications, website, blog, and social media postings.
    • Leveraging the Catalyst brand to strengthen your reputation as a committed employer of the best and brightest talent.