We Are Your Global Partner


Catalyst membership is a high-value partnership that gives your organization—and various stakeholders within it—access to a variety of indispensable benefits. To help you build an inclusive workplace, Catalyst will provide innovative research, the tools to make change, examples of successful initiatives, networking and knowledge-sharing events, a powerful array of services, and access to the unique Catalyst community of leaders committed to expanding opportunities for women and business.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Practitioners: Our research, data, experience advising members, and tools will help you build the business case and gain support throughout your organization for the programs and initiatives that will make change.
  • Senior Leaders: Our convening events and resources tailored to your level will show you how to lead inclusive teams and sponsor talented women in the pipeline.
  • Individuals: Our research and coaching workbooks will help you reach the next rung of the corporate ladder.
  • Male Champions: Our unique online community, Men Advocating Real Change, or MARC, and our research on men’s role in creating inclusive workplaces will allow you to build and share your skills as a sponsor, mentor, and advocate for women.  
  • CEOs: The Catalyst CEO Summit, a gathering of leaders of major corporations, and Corporate Board Services will connect you to other leaders at the forefront of workplace inclusion. 

Because this is a partnership, we also expect Catalyst members and leaders to hold themselves accountable for making change, setting targets, and tracking progress toward our shared goals. Through active participation in the Catalyst member community, events, and research; by sharing questions, insights, and practices; and by championing women’s advancement, Catalyst members impact businesses, communities, and societies around the world.

We welcome you to the Catalyst community, more than 800 member organizations across the globe ranging from corporations to professional service firms to academic institutions.

To find out more about Catalyst membership, contact Emily Wakeling, Vice President, Membership.