Research Partners

A Select Group of Committed Members

Catalyst Research Partners are a select group of members committed to working with Catalyst as thought leaders, generating new ideas and approaches to advancing women in workplaces through mutual learning and exchange. This membership level is designed to engage stakeholders across your organization with our research and its development.

Since our founding in 1962, Catalyst has produced credible and rigorous research that business leaders, academics, and media can trust. Now with offices in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States, we are the go-to global resource on women in the workplace. Your organization will benefit from Catalyst’s longitudinal research uncovering meaningful trends that will help you manage your talent.

Research Partners showcase their commitment to inclusive workplaces and gain visibility in numerous Catalyst studies released throughout the year spanning a wide variety of topics. Additional benefits include:

Exclusive Benefits

  • Your organization’s name will be featured in each report, on our website, at the Catalyst Awards Dinner, the Catalyst Canada Honours, on our apps, and in a variety of other collateral that highlights our research.

  • You will be invited to join the Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice’s Expert Community, a select group of members working as a learning laboratory to build actionable strategies, shape interventions, and create workplace change globally and across cultural contexts and industries (based on assessment of current diversity and inclusion strategy/progress).

  • You will receive a speaking engagement or conversation with our Consulting Services team on any topic of your choice.

  • You will be invited to virtual events that will help you apply tools and talent management strategies.

  • You will be invited to in-person events to exchange information on trends and practices.

  • Your organization will become a go-to resource for speakers at Catalyst events, providing visibility to your senior-level women and men, and for hosting Catalyst events.

  • You and your global leaders will strengthen your professional networks as you join the community of other Research Partners and Catalyst researchers and experts.


Catalyst regions available: Australia ($), Canada ($), Europe (€), India (INR), Japan (¥), United States ($)

Global Research Partner: $65,000 / € 47.000 / 39,00,000 INR / ¥6,500,000

1 Region: $50,000 / € 50.000 / 24,00,000 INR / ¥5,000,000

To learn more about becoming a Research Partner, contact Svetlana Mostovsky.

Current Research Partners

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