Message From Catalyst President & CEO

Dear Friend,

Our founder, Felice Schwartz, wanted to see educated mothers and married women return to work and believed that in a system that rewards hard work and performance, talented women would naturally rise to the top. Fifty-four years later, we are still working so that women of all backgrounds can take their rightful places in positions in power.

Our vision is to change workplaces and change lives while upholding our values of connection, engagement, inspiration, and impact. Through our programs and services, Catalyst creates impact in business, government, and society, helping to advance women worldwide. As gender gaps close, workplaces and lives improve for all of us. 

Today, we know that diversity is not enough. We know that inclusion is where potential is unlocked and innovation thrives. And we know that the most successful countries and organizations are those that have moved beyond asking “why” diversity matters, to asking “how” we can create more inclusive cultures together.

Today, we look to leaders in business to step forward and step up to their responsibility as corporate citizens. We don’t need legislation to bring about equal pay. We need business leaders to look at their data, assess whether women are being paid equally for equal work, and make it right. We don’t need quotas to see women take their fair share of seats at the boardroom table or in the C-suite; we need women to have sponsors that will give them the roles and visibility required to advance. And we don’t need another “program” to make change. We need people to change. We don’t need government to define the values and culture of our organizations. We need companies to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for behaviors that leave anyone feeling excluded because of their identity.

Catalyst is partnering with leading global companies to accelerate progress for women. We operate in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Australia, and Japan, and we are the trusted resource for research, information, and advice about women and workplace inclusion.

However, we need your support to help sustain and grow our efforts. 

Please help us by making a contribution to Catalyst and learning how you and your organization can become a champion for our mission. 

We can do this—together. 


Deborah Gillis

Thank you,

Deborah Gillis
President & CEO



Catalyst has been recognized by CharityWatch as a "Top-Rated" Charity and by New York magazine as a 2015 top charity for women's rights.

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