Membership Benefits

Catalyst Can Help You Make Change

Catalyst members join a global community of organizations striving to develop and improve ways to recruit, retain, and advance women in the workplace. Different benefit packages are offered to accommodate member priorities. All members receive exclusive access to high impact content, events, and services. In addition, Research Partners support our research and join an elite community of organizations committed to making change.

Membership Benefits include:

  • A Catalyst Relationship Manager (RM): Your RM will contact you on a regular basis to help you match Catalyst resources to your needs.
  • Online access to members-only content including:
    • Tools: Action-oriented materials that enable professionals to translate information and knowledge into ready-to-implement programs for making change. The tools are tailored for a variety of audiences.
    • Practices: Over 100 detailed descriptions of effective organizational initiatives to advance women and diverse groups into leadership.
    • Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact the Catalyst Information Center (IC) for access to its professional librarians and issue specialists. The IC creates products  to help you gather information for presentations, make the business case for diversity, and much more.
  • Member-only events: Check our Events Calendar to find out about virtual and in-person events around the world.
  • Corporate Board Services: Includes events and resources to help women at member companies prepare for corporate board service, including the Women On Board® mentorship and sponsorship program, and the Catalyst Corporate Board Resource: Connecting CEO Sponsored Women to Board Opportunities. These programs also help member companies find exceptional women candidates for their own corporate boards. 
  • Vital Signs: A unique approach to workforce statistics—the “Vital Signs” of workforce health—that’s not just for metrics experts. Vital Signs will provide insights that enable you diagnose where your organization excels and where it is stuck, allowing you to define appropriate goals and solutions that lead to change, no matter where you are on your diversity and inclusion journey.
  • Your organization's name on the Catalyst website, in the Catalyst Annual Report, and in the Catalyst Awards Dinner Program. Special rates for engaging Catalyst researchers, consultants, and executives through our Speakers Bureau.
  • Strategic consulting services through Catalyst's Global Member Services (fee-for-service).


Regions of membership availability:
Australia ($), Canada ($), Europe (€), India (INR), Japan (¥), United States ($)

Supporter Membership (one region): $15,000 / €12.500 / 3,00,000 INR / ¥1,500,000

Any Additional Region(s): $5,000 / € 4.000 / 3,00,000 INR / ¥ 500,000

Global Supporter Membership: Catalyst global supporter members have membership in three or more regions where Catalyst has operations. Global Supporters have access to all the above benefits, with local support of a dedicated Relationship Manager in each region and access to in-person events and meetings.

Global Research Partner Membership: $65,000 / € 47.000 / 39,00,000 INR / ¥6,500,000.  One region Research Partner: $50,000) This marquis group helps generate new ideas and approaches to advancing women in business through mutual learning and exchange. This membership tier financially supports the development of research for a calendar year.  All regions are included.

Business Subsidiary Membership: $7,500 / € 5.500 / 1,50,000 INR / ¥ 750,000
When a member organization is a large parent company for diverse business operations across different industries, it is not intended that the parent company share the membership benefits with a large number of subsidiaries. We are pleased to offer a reduced rate to business subsidiaries of Catalyst member organizations.  Please contact Catalyst with questions if you believe this may apply to your organization.

To find out more about Catalyst membership, contact Katy Breitenbach, Director, Global Member Relations.