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Is Work/Life Dead?

2005 Catalyst Awards Conference Addresses the Frontiers of Work/Life Issues Facing Corporations and their Employees

From dinner table to board room table, work/life issues are impacting the workplace, according to experts at the recent 2005 Catalyst Awards Conference in New York City. Catalyst, the leading research and advisory organization working with businesses and the professions to expand opportunities for women at work, facilitated a panel of experts which examined several timely topics in the work/life arena, including: what drives the present corporate long-hours model; where excellence ends and overwork begins; and the cost of overwork for individuals and organizations. 

“Work/life balance impacts both women and men,” said Catalyst Director of Advisory Services Lisa Levey. “Our Catalyst research has demonstrated the value of successful work/life integration, yet in many organizations the belief that long hours are the only path to excellence remains steadfast—overtly or covertly.” 

Offering different perspectives on the work/life debate, Phyllis Moen, the Ferris Family Professor of Life Course Studies and Professor of Human Development and of Sociology at Cornell University, and Sharon Lobel, a Professor of Management at Seattle University’s School of Business, and a Research Fellow at the Boston College Center for Work & Family, brought fresh insight into challenges of balancing one’s career with personal responsibilities. 

“Though certainly not the only obstacle affecting individual development and advancement, work/life issues are intimately tied to the decisions people make about their careers and their lives,” noted Lobel. 

Catalyst has focused on work/life issues since its inception. Its ability to advise organizations on work/life effectiveness and career path flexibility has strong roots in the extensive research it conducts, in recognizing best practices through the Catalyst Award, and in its Advisory Services engagements. 

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