Catalyst In the News

  • This piece, which explores the social biases that hold women back in the workplace, cites Catalyst's First Step: India Overview report.

    Live Mint, by Charu Sabnavis

  • In this piece, that provides tips for students pursuing their MBA, Catalyst is mentioned as a resource for information about women in business.

    Coporette, by Kat

  • In this article about women thriving and breaking barriers in the workplace, Liz Mulligan-Ferry, Director, Research, Catalyst, is quoted.

    Crain's New York, by Theresa Agovino

  • Nancy Carter, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece about tips for climbing the career ladder.

    Women 24, by Women24

  • Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, nabs a spot on Diversity Journal's Women Worth Watching® list.

    Diversity Journal, by Kathie Sandlin

  • This article about gender diversity and unconscious bias cites Catalyst's The Double-Bind Dilemma For Women In Leadership: Damned If You Do, Doomed If You Don’t report.

    Live Mint, by Shreyasi Singh

  • Catalyst’s Bottom Line research and Statistical Overview of Women in the Workplace Quick Take are referenced in this article about the business case for diversity. 

    The Huffington Post, by Caroline Turner

  • Catalyst’s Mind Your Culture Gap to Keep Your Top Talent is referenced, Catalyst’s Inclusive Leadership: The View From Six Countries is linked to, and Deborah Gillis, President & CEO, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece about how to engage both millennials and baby boomers.

    Forbes, by Neale Godfrey

  • Catalyst’s infographic, Mind Your Culture Gap to Keep Your Top Talent, is highlighted in this piece about constructive cultures. 

    Constructive Culture, by Cynthia Emrich, Ph.D. and Aarti Shyamsunder, Ph.D.

  • This article about the low number of women in leadership positions around the world links to Catalyst’s pyramid, Women in S&P 500 Companies, and Catalyst’s Quick Take, Women in Management, Global Comparison