Catalyst In the News

  • According to Catalyst, women make up 45 percent of the workforce in S&P 500 companies—so far, so good. But the numbers thin out very quickly as you go up the leadership pyramid.

    Huffpost Business, by Mark S. Casady

  • A top ad executive is criticised for saying women lack ambition. But there is no shortage of Irish women who certainly appear ambitious.

    Irish Independent, by Tanya Sweeney

  • Newly released data for 2016 from Catalyst shows that women hold only 4 percent of chief executive positions at S&P 500 companies—that’s 20 spots out of 500. 

    Huffpost Business, by Rebecca Shambaugh

  • “The numbers are pretty appalling when you look at both women’s representation in the (financial) industry and the labor force, and increasing influence as consumers and investors,” says Deborah Gillis, president-CEO, Catalyst.

    Variety, by Cynthia Littleton

  • Jan Combopiano, Senior Vice President, Research & Chief Knowledge Officer, Catalyst, is quoted in this piece about the business case for gender diversity and why having more women at the top improves your bottom line. 

    The Toronto Star, by Dana Flavelle

  • Catalyst is cited in this article about women in finance and the movie Equity which is about the lives of women on Wall Street.

    The Source, by LuCH0945

  • Catalyst's Women in S&P 500 Finance pyramid is embedded in this article about a new study from the EY/Peterson Institute that shows the connection between women in leadership and paternity leave.

    The Huffington Post, by Emily Peck

  • Catalyst Canada is mentioned in this piece about bleak job prospects for women.

    CBC News, by The Canadian Press

  • Corporations in India have started taking steps to ensure equal pay. This piece quotes Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC, and mentions Catalyst's HiPo India report.

    The Times of India, by Namrata Singh

  • This article about TheBoardlist, a new online tool designed to help connect women with board positions in the tech industry, mentions Catalyst's census report.

    Fast Company, by Lydia Dishman