Catalyst In the News

  • Catalyst Canada is cited in this article about the need for banks to do better by women.

    The Star Phoenix, by John MacAulay

  • Ilene Lang, Retired President & CEO, Honorary Director, Catalyst, was quoted in this piece about Germany passing quotas to have board seats held by 30% of women.

    The New York Times, by Alison Smale and Claire Cain Miller

  • Allyson Zimmermann, Executive Director, Catalyst Europe AG, talks about talent management and achieving critical mass in this story on women in leadership.

    Financial Times, by Charlotte Clark

  • This piece about the challenges that women face when returning to the workforce after a long break quotes Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC.

    Financial Times, by Ruth Sullivan

  • This piece, which features data about the glass-ceiling, notes Catalyst as one of its sources.

    The Economist, by The Economist

  • Alex Johnston, Executive Director, Catalyst Canada, penned this piece about International Women’s Day.

    The Globe and Mail, by Alex Johnston

  • This piece about ways to deal with a male-dominated work culture mentions Catalyst's men's knowledge topic page.

    Huffington Post, by Dr. Bernice Ledbetter

  • This article about women board directors in Hong Kong mentions Catalyst’s Bottom Line research series.

    AsiaOne, by Luo Weiteng

  • This article penned by Deborah Gillis, President & Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst, focuses on the need for men and women to share power at work.

    CNBC, by Deborah Gillis

  • Catalyst’s report, The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards (2004-2008), is cited in this article about whether or not investors punish companies with more women directors. 

    Institutional Investor, by Katie Gilbert