Catalyst In the News

  • Reality Check: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

    Catalyst is mentioned in connection with a census of women leaders in Israel in this piece on the possibility of Supreme Court Justice Dalia Dorner becoming the country’s next president.

    The Jerusalem Post, by JEFF BARAK

  • The Right Way to Measure Executive Diversity

    This blog post discusses Avivah Wittenberg-Cox’s research/scorecard on the representation of women in corporate leadership and mentions Catalyst as one of the organizations recognizing champions for women in the corporate world.

    Harvard Business Review, by Lauren Leader-Chivée

  • Team Member Not Playing Fair?

    This article about women of color being undermined at work references Catalyst’s Women of Color Executive report.

    Profiles in Diversity Journal, by Catalyst

  • Stretch Roles: Why They Benefit Your Career and Why Women Aren’t Taking Them.

    Stretch roles advance your career, so why don’t women always take them? Citing Catalyst report Good Intentions, Imperfect Execution, this article attempts to answer those questions.

    The Glass Hammer, by Kayla Turo

  • The Technology World's Sexism Needs to End

    This piece on sexism in the tech industry quotes Ilene H. Lang, 10-year leader at and CEO of Catalyst from 2003-2014, in a 2011 Deloitte report on the business case for investing in women.

    Computer World, by Jonny Evans

  • Feminism Is Not a Feel-Good Issue

    Catalyst Senior Associate Writer Raina Lipsitz’s insightful piece on the United States’ failure to enact a meaningful feminist agenda cites 2013 Catalyst Census data, Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000 list, and Catalyst’s report Women "Take Care," Men "Take Charge:" Stereotyping of U.S. Business...

    Aljazeera, by Raina Lipsitz

  • Companies See Diversity Pay Off

    Alex Johnston quoted and the Catalyst Accord mentioned in this article about diversity paying off.

    The Vancouver Sun, by Derek Sankey, Calgary Herald

  • Seven Myths about Men and Work

    Catalyst Myth of the Ideal Worker report data mentioned in article that busts myths about men and women at work.

    Women's Agenda, by Catherine Fox

  • “Companies See Diversity Pay Off”

    This essay celebrates Dentons Canada LLP Calgary office for its improvement on diversity and inclusion. Alex Johnston, Executive Director of Catalyst Canada, is quoted and the Catalyst Accord is referenced. 

    The Vancouver Sun, by Derek Sankey

  • It's Good For Companies To Have Women In Positions Of Leadership But How They Get There Matters

    2011 F500 Catalyst Census mentioned in Peggy Drexler piece discussing the “trouble” with using gender quotas to get more women in corporate leadership. She calls Catalyst a “market research firm.”

    Forbes, by Peggy Drexler